The Bank Rushed For Sale Cars, Mortgage Villas

Besides real estate, the liquidation section of commercial banks has a lot of cars, especially many vehicles as Mercedes, BMW.Mites 15/8, on its website, International Bank Vib Rao Selling hundreds of cars at all types of categories. Of these, there are cars to billions of dong, as the Mercedes-Benz GLC200-2019 has used 30,854km to sell for more than 1.3 billion VND, or the BMW 218i produced in 2016, goes 67,000 km, the market price is about 820 million VND .

.. The bank is rushing to sell collateral, including many cars to the borrowers of the debt after the stage of Covid-19 full of difficulties. (Photo: VIB) Not only car children, Vib also sells both passenger cars and trucks, like the 2018 Ford Transit car is being advertised 444 million dong, Thaco HB passenger cars for 490 million VND
.. even one The Ford Transit 2021 is also on the shelves of liquidation for only 576 million VND. SCB's order liquidation section sells 29-seat cars for VND 1.4 billion. In addition, there are other other vehicles for Ford, Misubishi brands ... Price from over 100 million to 1 billion VND. Sacombank Bank is wanting to liquidate the other car morning, Hyundai Starex, Mercedes Ben and Dongfeng brand truck
Sacombank said these are used cars, auction to recover debts.Tpbank is also selling a variety of cars to handle debts, including Mercedes GLC250 produced in 2017 For more than 1.2 billion dong. Every other bank is also constantly selling liquidation of vehicles to handle debts, with a series of cars under 9 seats and light trucks, starting prices from a few hundred million to more than 1 Billion VND each. According to the financial expert, the number of cars collected at commercial banks increased recently, especially those who have promoted a car loan. Most are trucks and vehicles running services and passenger cars. Because of the epidemic, trading in stagnation, borrowers do not have money to pay debt. Besides, many families ago to buy installment vehicles and serve the family and business are also difficult due to declining income, not pay Debt on time, also debt collection banks. Cars, banks are also selling a wide range of villas, penthouses ... priced from a few billion to tens of billions of dong. Ty Ly Vietinbank to sell land use rights, Other houses and assets attached to land at Tay Mo Urban Function Area (Nam Tu Liem District, Tp. Hanoi). This land has an area of 210m2, the villa with a construction area of 147m2.Agribank also sells another villa in Van Phu new urban area (Ha Dong district) for more than 15 billion dong. According to the bank's announcement, the land plot with an area of 250m2, the area of the villa building is 137.2 m2..

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