The Bank Sells Both Debts Less Than Vnd 500,000

Not only to sell bad debts with security assets, VietinBank also sells consumer debts without assets assets with very small value. Vietnam Industry and Trade Joint Stock Bank - VietinBank has just issued a notice Offering public debts to serve life to recover debts. Specifically, this sale of this time has 264 loans of individual customers with a total debt value of more than 6.58 billion dong. In that, the debt with the highest value in this offering is over 100 million Copper, the remaining is 5-20 million VND / debt, which include both principal, interest and interest

. Besides, there are many loans with very small values, only less than 1 million VND, even a loan of Le Duc Hai customers is only worth VND 483,000. Some consumer debts are being sold by VietinBank for sale Indicates that customers can buy retail each debt or all debts and must pay once. Accordingly, the bank will choose the highest price buyer and at least equal to the starting price of each debt
Due to consumer loans, the debts are sold without security assets. The starting price does not include costs associated with the transfer of ownership / use of assets and other costs (If yes) when purchasing the debt, these costs are borne by the winner. The purchase and sale of debts is not subject to VAT. Consumer debts serve life with obligations to pay for VietinBank according to signed credit contracts. Therefore, the buyer of these debts will have the right to claim debt. This is not the first time this bank ranks for consumer and similar debts. Specifically, in May, Vietinbank also published the information selling 9 consumer debts to serve the lives of individuals with low value. Then, each ranging from nearly 1.5 million VND to more VND 16 million. Debts have no security assets
Total outstanding loans as well as the starting price of debt batch is over 75.5 million VND. The amount of this debt has been paid somewhat previously a week earlier, the total outstanding loans and the starting price of this debt is more than 83.1 million VND.

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