The Bank Still Works Normally

On the morning of July 13, at the headquarters, the transaction office of banks on Nguyen Van Troi Street, Nguyen Thai Hoc and Nguyen An Ninh ... (Tp. Vung Tau) has a lot of people to do banking procedures

.0: 00/0: 45 Southern representative banks said that in the last 2 days, the number of visitors to the East trading was many times compared to normal. The reason is that people misunderstanding and psychological fear of banks do not work on the day of distance according to the 16th directive of the government, so have rushed to the bank for withdrawal procedures or other transactions. Reporters in Ba Ria-Vung Tau newspaper, leaders of banks affirmed that the bank still works normally because this is an essential service, not stopped
At the same time, banks always meet the needs of customers. Therefore, customers should not worry and understand instructions 16 to better translate room.

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