The Battle For Life For The Child Has Just Been Born Between Giraffes And Lions

How to make my mother's giraffe and the newborn child can fight lion's claws, animals that are known to be the lord of all species? Giraffe is a special animal, okay Recognition is the world's highest mammal with long legs and high-necked necks. This grass animal lives mainly in the desert, sparse forest, far valve and almost only found in Africa. Not like elephants, big shapes, causing giraffes to meet much disadvantage . Although only drinking water once a few days but every time moving to the water source, they often have to kneel, bend and bend their necks down, which makes the giraffe easily dangerous by enemies like species death, newspaper .

.. in the African desert. However, when placed in the boundary between life and the miracle can still happen, just like in the story below
During his actual trip to Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya is a lucky person to save these extraordinary films.Clip Source: Latestsightings.Theo said Heyneke, his delegation on the road is caught A mother's giraffe is in the process of being about to give birth. Because of those prior to those sacred moments, everyone in the decision will stay to witness the whole process. Normally, the process of childbirth of the giraffe will meet relatively many difficulties because of the length of the length of the length The legs will cause the deer to fall from a height of about 2 m to the ground and can meet unworthy injuries. Then the giraffe will take about half an hour to get acquainted with the new world and continue within 10 hours will be able to walk, run dance. But it is for other normal cases, deer uncle The teenage story was not so lucky, the first moment was born to fall into the sights of two notorious predators that were Lions and Linh Cru. Lion followed by two moms The giraffe for more than 6 km.Mast distented prey before the eyes of the "hunter" skilled skilled. After a retry, it seems that Generic no longer retains patience, leaving lion, leaving a lion alone
The lion follows his mother's mother's mother on a long distance of more than 6 km to the end to the end is a dike to be close to the river. The mother's giraffe did everyone to protect his child, but How do I push my child to fall into the river. The lion was of course not to ignore the chance of awarding heaven and plunged down, attacking the deer to take forward. The mother's giraffe with all his efforts can only chase the lion to go for a moment to leave the deer in this guard. The lion's meal was suddenly, with some miracles, the pitiful animal could still get up to stand up to stand up to the safe area of the river, but due to being too heavy, he The giraffe was drowned.

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