The Beautiful Bride Has An Extremely Strange Action On The Wedding Bed: The Secret ‘marks The House’ Here?

A bride used his butt to do extremely strange actions on his wedding bed, causing the netizens to stirring up 0.02 / 1: 39 South Vietnamese women who wanted after married will be husband and family husband's house respects, lovers. Each woman is worried about conflicts, conflicts that happen in family marriage, etc.: 00/00: 31The clip spreads on social networks. Many stories of domestic violence, broken marriage, Woman miserable for marriage, many women now want to be "roof", "on the battle" husband

. More voices in front of her husband. New here, on social networks spread a clip with a bride's content that is making a tip to "mark roofs" when you're married. in the video shows, The bride was sitting on his wedding bed
This bride continuously made a strange action, sitting up on the head pillow and pillow hugging in bed. The strawberry in turn sat on the whole pillow on his wedding bed. This strawberry sits each one by one She sat away without any pillow in her bed. Just doing this action, the bride laughed and satisfied. After being posted, the clip quickly attracted great attention of public opinion. Many women show sympathemia because they have used folk tips to "on their husbands when they are married. However, there are many people who think that the bride's action is not necessarily to become" roof home "that perhaps hope for lucky future marriage, luck ... some other comments suggest that this action is only aimed at the like on social networks
However, no matter what action Another probably only helps the brides become more relieved but it cannot affirm that it will affect the future of a marriage. Each family if you want to be warm, happy, I need a husband and wife Applying, understanding, interesting, not relying only on folk tips.

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