The Beautiful Female Billionaire Threatened Mr. Park: Thailand Will Usur The Aff Cup Championship Of Vietnam

The Thai team leader has confidently announced the throne of Vietnam's recruitment in AFF Cup 2020.Nualphan Lamsam is a famous businesswoman in Thailand, she is running a life insurance company and chairing the Chairman Football Club Port.nualphan Lamsam is the leader of Thailand in AFF Cup 2020. Accordingly, this billionaire said on Bangkok Post with determination to regain the AFF Cup championship from Vietnam. "AFF Cup 2020 is an important tournament for us

. We have 5 times the championship but the closest time in Vietnam won. We want to win the championship in this time, "Nualphan Lamsam said. The female billionaire Nualphan Lamsam said Thailand will usur the championship of Vietnam recruitment
The Lamsam also talks about the reason Chanathip is chosen to be the Thailand captain: "I choose Chanathip as the captain, Siwarak and Teerasil Dangda are teams vice. Although Chanathip is only 28 years old, he has very good performances in the consadole Sapporo shirt in the Japanese championship. Hanathip is also a successful player and has a lot of experience in Suzuki Cup. He played for the first time in Suzuki Cup 2012. So I thought he was suitable for the captain's role. "Before that, coach Thailand and many players also announced the recruitment of Vietnam to win AFF Cup 2020. "I know Vietnam is a strong team, with a lot of progress in the past few years. Vietnam is in advantage of practicing and playing together in three and four months when competing at the World Cup qualifiers 2022. However, I believe Thailand is strong enough to cast the championship. We will bring the championship cup on Thailand, "said Coach Polking
: "I had some conversations with Mano Polking since he became the team leader. We wanted to create something special. I want to contribute to Thailand to win the AFF Cup championship . It is a gift for Thai football fans in the new year. "

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