The Beautiful Hit By Him Made Him Break Their Feet, The Girl Was Stunned Because He Received A Unexpected Thing After That

The fate is about to be arranged so that young people meet and love each other in unexpected ways.0 of the year / 3: 45 Southweese with everyone, love is a miracle and beautiful thing. Love gives us different emotions. And the fate has brought couples to each other in different ways. He was beautifully hit by him to break his legs, the girl was stunned by getting unexpectedly afterwards, on a fairly attractive group East users, a girl who confided her extremely interesting affection story

. It is known that because it does not master the steering wheel, she hits a handsome guy when participating in traffic. So after that accident, the girl took the boy to the hospital. Every day she entered the hospital to visit and take care of him
(Artwork) after 15 days of treatment, he was discharged from the hospital. However, because the guy still walked in difficulties, the girl came to the house to help him practice. Unexpectedly, this was also when he realized his feelings and liked the girl. So her romantic affection starts from here. The confession of this user: "I just have a lover of your sisters, but our loving circumstances are a little steamed. Cardboard hit, that day she ride a motorbike, due to the time with a motorbike behind the horn, she was a little panicked, intending to decline the throttle to cross the road, but I don't understand why the car rose, causing the car to go in front of the cardboard Winning his car, he was crushed by the car, so he was broken. Then I took him to the hospital, and every day visited, the first to say was because of the responsibility, the second was because he was too handsome, so I kept going into the Institute to visit him all, the day to bring the rice to him, the day led him for a walk, because his parents do business so it is also busy, there is no time to take care of him, I am studying online so very free , so 2 you asked me to take care of me. After 15 days of hospitalization, he was discharged from hospital, but walking was still difficult, I still often came to take care of him, today I have a lover, want me to be a lover You, I pretend to think about thinking, but in my heart Always. Going home I texted immediately, my parents know it is very funny, because the two are also very higher, my parents are also very guy. I love it sometimes it comes suddenly and so Those sisters, sometimes looking for forever, when I don't find it, it suddenly, I wish you soon to find your half! "(Screenshot) Sharing of this user now Immediately attracted a large number of attention from the online community
Everyone said this girl was lucky to meet the right person, at the right time, there was such an interesting affection. At the same time, you still have Loneliness also has more motivation to continue waiting for having a healing charm that will come to me in unexpected ways. "Lightning love", Linh Linh wrote. " The road must be more careful than me, "the user Ngoc Anh commented. Things are strong or noticed in the first meeting of your woman's makeup before going out to look more likely to look more beautiful and charming. in First meeting , The boys will be particularly impressed with the natural makeup girls, not too loud, have charming eyes, with attractions. Your body language body is a useful tool to help you It is thing I said, thus easily impressed with guys. However, in the first time, the majority of men confessed they were not interested in the girls who said and spoke and especially kept touching their people. What is the shape ... certainly what any boy cannot ignore when meeting. Right from the first time, men will publicly watch you while the two talks. Therefore, it's not surprising that after the appointment, the guy remembered many characteristics of your face: Laughing eyes, charming smile, attractive lips ... how you laugh with boy with buds Beautiful laugh is the dream of any boy. But not only stopped there. Right in the first meeting, what the eyebrow was more attention to the way you laughed at him. It's a fresh, polite or squeezed and fake smiles? They will spend a lot of time to remember about your smile.

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