The Beauty Of The Three Thermal Enemy: Expects The Shortcomings, The Evaluation Makeup Expert Is Not High

The Famous Thermal Festival is beautiful, but recently received many fragile opinions from netizens and both expert Thermal Thermal Female is one of the leading Cbiz women, owning looks and beautiful faces Beautiful with shimmering photos in events, magazines ... However, this beauty has a lot of controversy when recently countless photos "pleading goods", do not cross the editing of "Tan Tan My Erowers "spread across social networks. Even the top makeup specialist also has bad comments about the beauty of thermal heat

. September 23, a Chinese blogger has released photos that are not yet by editing, shooting close-ups The rupa of the three thermal enemy makes people commenting to comment chrome. In the series, the face of the 9x actress, revealing countless shortcomes: dark skin, wrinkles around the mouth and puffiness. It is worth noting that the naked legs appear a lot of bruises, the chi chit scars make the people stunned, constantly asking questions: "This is Thermal Three Asia", "Her legs this?"
... However, some Netizen thinks that the photos are due to Antifan deliberately revised to harm the image of the three thermal enemy. Some comments took care of her: "I see this is a fixed image,", "You guys go to Photoshop with a bad picture of the three heat," said people don't believe it, this is a fake image. "Not long ago, the Ifeng site also released a series of beautiful people, showing that beauty showed a lot of shortcomings and was much less than the photo of her magazine. Specifically, in the shots of face shots, the three thermal enemy clears the wrinkles, dark circles and acne sheets. On the IFENG, Truong Phung National Makeup Expert said that the rival Three glance, it will be beautiful, but look closely. He shared: "The beauty of the three-year-old enemy looks like it seems very beautiful, but watching it well". For people who worked with many beauties, he felt the face of the face of the actress so normal, the very massive style was not enough to attract
Besides, Trrang QQ also pointed out that the skin The thermal enthusiast is not white, on the face appearing many pigmentation, large pores, puffiness is also very large. Sample of reality in showbiz, the use of photo editing software is completely familiar But what is worth the image of Photoshop of the three-thermal enthusiastic enemy has helped her constantly scrambled on the top seeking Weibo by the perfect beauty overwhelmed many other beauties.

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