The Beauty Secret Of ‘stars’: Why Time … Neglect Jennifer Lopez?

It's hard to believe, but this year, Jennifer Lopez - 'Fire Latin Queen' welcomes the age of 53 with a physique and females of a woman aged 30.02: 00/5: 20 South of the immortal "wings" of the immortal Jennifer Lopezskd - in Hollywood, Rare Almighty like Jennifer Lopez. She not only owns the hit songs, but also a favorite film actor, and of course, the peak jump skill is also a formidable "weapon". And sleeping a lot, Jennifer Lopez makes the professionals suspect she is .

.. Vampire. Fans are probably not forgotten, at the American Music Awards 2020 awards ceremony, Jennifer Lopez is the focus of paying attention when wearing a sexy sexy costume and a symbolic wet hair Jennifer Lopez at the American Awards Ceremony Music Awards 2020 After enjoying her fiery performance on this stage, the world's largest communication channels affirmed that the most visited question on Google is: 'Jennifer Lopez How old?'
Whoever watched with Jennifer's career and beauty journey certainly agreed that, in at least two decades, she didn't get older. Jennifer Lopez's beauty is really a ... booty, despite becoming the mother of the two children. The peak of the mother 2 CONJENNIFER Lopez does not receive any favor, because Life is always fair that a team has discovered Jennifer's golden know-how is the hard work, because she knows, the world does not have a cosmetic pharmacy that has the ability to 'brobs'. Jennifer never gave up the workout work. She practiced many posts every day, fully loaded protein and avoided sunshine. Social distance time, Jennifer Lopez adapted to workout at home in an interview with Spanish radio, El Zol 107.9, Jennifer acknowledged, she was very hard to get lockdown, and gave advice so people could overcome it: 'Practice a little at home, do something that will make you feel better
Please cook something you like, raise yourself and continue like that. "The energy in her performances, Alex Rodriguez also shared a 20-minute exercise at their home on Instagram, Including 4 HIEPs, 5 exercises: Running 400m, 15 times of turning weight, 10 times to push, 15 shoulder-press and 15 people Folding people.Jennifer Lopez does not miss any practitioners of artists who have revealed in one post Posted on your Instagram: 'After the performance, I feel like I'm a superman girl! When I started, I think 15 shows in 27 days are too much, but I promised myself that instead of order It makes me collapse, I have to maintain training in places where I can ... physical health will help me overcome all. And the only emotion I always have is the strong, happy Phuc and grateful'.Jennifer Lopez is 'crazy fan' of glycolic acid of cleaning products containing glycolic acid composition - acting as a chemical exfoliating agent by dissolving Deadflukeys and regenerate gentle surfaces - Always the thing Jennifer carries with him. In addition to removing dead cells on the surface, glycolic acid also promotes cell changes, this is ideal for lanes Adult skin, hurt due to the sun. So, it's not uncommon when Jennifer reveals to People People that she loves to use glycolic to have a healthy bright skin. The 53 ownership of a 30-year-old woman is full of protein to have 6-piece abdominal muscles, Jennifer Perform a very scientific diet. She shared with Hello: 'Protein is what I use whenever I start with appetite. It makes me full and maintains this feeling longer. It was a great source of fuel for muscle '. No sun exposure, Jennifer did not bring vampire blood like Edward Cullen, but she was also very afraid to dry skin under sunlight. Ultraviolet rays destroy collagen and elastic fibers in the skin, causing premature aging, which is actually proven scientist. Jennifer explained to Instyle: 'I am an absolute trustee on SPF. I always try not to stay out in the sun too long '. This appearance has been tired' neglect'3 Jennifer Lopez never touches with US Weekly: 'I don't use alcohol, smoking or caffeine. Those things really devastated your skin when you get older. Them enough to sleep Night to plow movies on Netflix - a habit that many people are now having. She explained with Instyle: 'My number one's secret is to always sleep enough. I don't want me to fall into a stressful state. Ideally, I want to sleep 9 or 10 hours, but anyway, I always make sure I slept at least 8 hours a day 'daily moisturism Many rumors Jennifer Lopez regularly bathe in a kind Warm cream worth 300 pounds. However, she denied this, and revealed that she only used a common type of moisturizer and in accordance with the skin. Every day Eennifer arrested

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