The Best Wishes To Send Parents Vu Lan Season

This year quite a lot of people will have no chance to meet parents of Vu Lan season, nor go to the temple, or buy material gifts for their parents. Please refer to the best wishes below to send to the Catholic Divisor in: 00/0: 00 Southern menu vu Lan Hieu this year Many people will surely know how to remember the house, miss parents skin Diet, because I can't take your child to give a gift to your parents to express their gratitude and piety to the birth and relatives. The purchase of a gift of Vu Lan season this year is not easy, because the house house is real Show social ways. Flowers are not available, the material gifts are no, the temple ceremony is not .

.. and now the gift of "wishes" according to the electronic interfaces selected by many children, how to cultivate family feelings in the spirit The modern Vu Lan Ceremony to grateful to the birth of the Citadel. The LAN ceremony does not follow the standard template, but is affection and gratitude for parents, mainly Binh An bridge, thank you for your parents Living a child with a loving home, wishing her parents to live a long-term manner
.. the Vu Lan Hieu this year Many people will know how to remember the house, remember the parents. Artwork.1.1. This Vu Lan did not bring his wife and children and gifts to his parents. You miss your parents! I wish you a happy and happy day with your parents. Wishes instead of your heart and affection sent to parents. I thank this life because in the day of Vu Lan parents are always with us
We love my parents a lot. We apologize for each mentioning parents who are busy, worried, even tears ... we will try to study, work well to pay a parent's education. Parents live for a long time, healthy. The Vu Lan Ceremony wishes his parents with abundant health, always happy with their children and his family. The card with the wishes to be grateful to the heavens tank of their parents. Wish your parents season Vu Lan fun! I wish you always healthy and live forever! 4. Mother is a high shade, Father is the torch of the night for me. Parents are the best gifts he gave me. On the Vu Lan ceremony, I wish my mother happy. From the depths of my heart I want to say "my parents, I love my parents a lot," Mother is the best gift he gives me. Artwork.5. On the ceremony, I wish my parents health and fun. The child is far away, so it doesn't care about their parents often. Looking forward to everything good to your parents. I wish my parents happy happily, living for a long time, protecting the children. I love your parents. I love me, I love you so much. This Vu Lan season may not be with his mother, in the isolation room with a lot about his mother, remember the times when he is sad, very sad. But I always love my mother a lot. Mom is always healthy and for a long time, moms.7. Thank you for your parents who have given a child and raise their children. I miss my parents a lot. When your parents are also in their hearts. I always ask my parents to be healthy and happy. I love my parents very much. Wish your parents always peace and forever with them. For the first time, I would like to feel close to my mother, to get a lot of people, I heard my love, scolding capital, to eat meal meals. Surprise must be away from home this child learns to cherish the days on the mother. Send me the mother's love bouquet from the heart of the child.9. I know my parents are proud of me, I hope you say "love, love mother". But it has never been able to say those words, whether in their hearts love their parents, even though they are the most important parents. The ceremony is far from this house for the first time I want to speak clearly: "My parents, I love my parents very much," and every day the love is the same and big. 10. Thank you for your mother and nourish your child until maturity. Thank you for stretching, handcuffs, dark eyes worried about her for the past 30 years. I wish my mother every day happy and healthy. I love mom many.11. My mother loves me, I have grown up, but the memories of Han Vi in the cottage still do I love you. I remember the feeling of being sick to wait for her to go to the market, feel the warmth was covered by her mother. May Mother is always healthy and happy. Mom is also in your heart. I love mom many.12. Mom will be unexpected to receive this gift of this. Before I never said, "I love you", but deep down the bottom of your heart is always grateful and see me a live motivation. The Vu Lan Ceremony Glasses the mother of love with the affectionate bouquet from his heart. The parents are forever peaceful, healthy and living forever. Artwork.13. Mom, I wish my mother and all 365 days happy and happy. I hope you always laugh, let me feel my mother's love throughout my life. Mother loves, Mother is the most important person, praying for a long-term mother. I love you.14. My parents love their parents very much. Studying and listing on the children, do not visit the mother. I know my parents are sad because the lonely family only has his parents to enter. This Vu Lan has not yet done anything to be happy. I wish my parents forever peaceful, healthy and live forever with children.15. I don't expect anything, but I want to report piety of the true parents of the grave

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