The Biggest Electronic Bureaucracy History: Hackers Are Invited To Be The Main Security Advisor

Poly Network also promises to give this hacker to 500,000 USD bonuses because it has been "safe to protect the 600 million USD of the company's $ 600: 00/1: 51nam south according to CNBC, last week, the financial foundation (Defin) Poly Network was attacked by hackers and removed the giant electronic amount worth up to 600 million USD. This is considered the biggest electronic money hack so far. Before that, Japan's Coincheck trading floor was also attacked in 2018 and stolen the number of Bitcoin worth up to 534.8 million USD. In 2014, Tokyo-based MT

.GOX trading floor was also stealed the electronic amount equivalent to 450 million USD.Poly Network invited hackers to serve a network security advisor for the company. However, hackers in the case This seems to just want to warn Poly Network about serious vulnerabilities in their network security systems
I demonstrated this "Nghia Hiep" action is that hackers have repayed almost all electronic amounts that have stolen. Then Poly Network does not have any legal moves forced hackers to be responsible for the incident. This Defi platform also sincerely thanks the outstanding contribution of the hacker character for the company's network security system, and inviting this person to work for me.Poly Network offered official announcements: " To send a thanks and encourage Mr. White Hat to continue to contribute to security progress in the Blockchain world with Poly Network, we would like to invite Mr. White Hat as Poly Network Security Advisor. The company also added a 500 thousand USD bonus to hackers after all 33 million USD The remaining electronic money was refunded: "We fully respect Mr. White Hat's thoughts and to express gratitude Our, we will transfer a $ 500,000 bonus to a wallet address that has been approved by Mr. White Hat for him to use it according to its own decision for network security and support more than the project and personal ". Hackers have no feedback on the invitation to work but have declared to contribute a bonus of 500,000 US D for the technology community who participate in Blockchain security
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