The Billionaire Bosses Behind Ngo Yorni Was Blocked The Property

After Ngo Yorni Phàm officially detained, the Hong Kien Hong was officially ordered by the Beijing Court to order a blockade of assets <: 00/2: 06 namsina on September 10, the news, billionaires Hong - Chairman of Dieu Lai Movie Company, the management unit of Ngo Yorni has been ordered by Beijing court to block assets, including cars, real estate and bank accounts. According to Sina, tycoon Standing behind Ngo Yorny was listed as a reputable list because of slow debt repayment. Hong Kien must pay the total amount of more than 173 million USD. Hong Kien Hong is the power behind the blooming career of Ngo Yorniness this information is given only a short time after Ngo Yorni is detained at home Chaoyang in prison, Beijing to investigate the accusation of sexual assault. Hong which is dubbed the "horn" character behind many big stars of China

. With Ngo Yorny, after returning to China art activities in 2016, he signed a contract with Dieu Lai. Over the years, male singer has the support of Thanh Long and the boss of the family. Her Hiyon is still imprisoned for investigating because a series of allegations of Tianyancha application shows that Dieu Lai Group was established in 2013 with registered capital of 50 million yuan
This is a completely owned subsidiary of Wentou Holdings. Hong Kien Hong is also the largest shareholder, and general manager of Wentou Holdings. In 2016, the market value of Wentou Holdings was up to 100 billion currencies (equivalent to VND 355,000 billion). Rich Phu Kien Hong Lai Lai mainly participated in the production and distribution of TV series, special programs, Operators, animation programs, etc. Implementing other exhibitions and businesses. Besides, Dieu Lai Group also owns many subsidiaries, including Dieu Lai International Film Company Thanh Long - Cooperating with Martial Arts Stars Thanh Long. It is known that the Marijuana Group of Ky Hong also specializes in trading and distributing luxury items such as cars, bags, jewelry, ... magic Hybrid is also China's only corporation that provides world-famous car car items such as Roll-Royce, Lamborghini or Bentley
Theo Sohu, in 2017, Bien Hong ranked 199 in the rich billionaire list China most with 16 billion yuan property blocks.

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