The Boat Suddenly Stopped In The Amazon Forest – What Happened?

A boat with a lot of tourists visiting eco-tourism is going on a river in Sucumios province, located in Northeast Ecuador. Unexpectedly, they have to stop. It comes out, there is a group of creatures that are crossing the river to cross the other side. See Video: 00: 00: 47 These creatures are white peccary pigs (scientific name: Tayssu Pecari), one Amazon's most hunted creatures. Not only that forest fires are also a serious threat to the number of rare pigs

. It is the endemic creature of the Amazon forest with a mature amount of about 22 kg, a length of 1.1 m. Like many other pigs, white peccary pigs are a slash species, their lifespan is about 13 years
This pig can live in large flocks from 20 to 300 individuals, they often overcome rivers Find a place with food sources. Peccary pigs are also indicators that reflect the health of the Amazon forest because they live in large flocks and distribute widely throughout the forest.

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