The Book Is Sold Nearly 20 Billion By A Special Text

An Apple II computer manual signed by co-founder of Steve Jobs company in 1980 was sold for $ 787,484 (VND 18 billion), a Boston-based auction house published.0: 00/1: 22 NAMRR Auction domain said the 196-page guidebook, including specifications and operation guidelines for Apple II computers, Apple's Steve Jobs and Mike Markkula, CEO, signed In 1980. "Julian, your generation is the first to grow up with the computer. Change the world! " Steve Jobs wrote on the inner cover of the manual. The words "Julian" is Julian Brewer, the son of Mike Brewer, who has negotiated the exclusive distribution rights for Apple products in the UK and then Become the first CEO of Apple UK Ltd

. "I'm sitting in the bedroom to write a game on Apple II, I call me down to meet some guests," said Julian Brewer, then a teenager, told the RR Auction. " My, it's Steve Jobs and Mike Markkula. I brought this manual and later I later understood that Jobs signed anything that rarely happened, not to write a line like this
He is very interested with his father, so I feel the text is taken carefully. "RR Auction said the winner who was Jim Irsay, the owner of Indianapolis Colts.Theo Huy Nguyen / Dan Viet

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