The Boy Argued His Parents To Be With His Lovers, Writing A Beautiful Love Story, Shaking His Heart

For honest love, Mr. Ha Van Cuong and Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong surpasses many difficulties to go together, together to build a family of Hanh Phuc.0: 00/4: 31 Nouthern region misses once with happiness, sister Nguyen Thi Phuong (residing in Hanoi) lost confidence in love and marriage. Until she met her lover, ready to overcome all barriers and obstacles to build happiness

. About my love "Lam Li Bi Stand", Phuong Khuyen still doesn't forget Duyen takes her to Mr. Ha Van Cuong - her husband. After the early marriage broke, Phuong became a single mother, alone raising her small daughter
She knew him to Cuong when he was a college final year student. He was a driver of grab or picked up, picked up her to work. During the "passer" girl, Mr. Cuong and Phuong's sister talked to each other more. After that, he came to school and did the same company with Ms. Phuong. Also during this time, both emotionally arose. "Our affection is a little special because her poor husband is 3 years old and I am a single Mom. He accepted his past and accepted both his own children." Female dentist recalls
The first time, Mr. Cuong took his sister to meet his parents, she was loved and supported by his family. However, when I knew the Phoenix was once a boat, with his own children, his family moved to prohibit the affection of the two people. At this point, Phuong no longer blamed his husband's family. Because I understand, paterle, mother, everyone expects the best for your child. At that time, the young woman felt frustrated, sad, she wanted to end the affection to Anh Cuong. However, his own sincerity made her touched, deciding to hold his hand throughout his life. "At that time, I was discouraged but my husband was definitely disagreed. Every way to persuade parents. Everything at that time was fierce. Now I think I still love my husband very much. Many, he suffered hard when he had to stand in the middle of the word and love. I and my family decided It's fine to answer him because my parents are afraid I will suffer again. He's alone to ride a 100km to his house on the 2nd Tet only to tell me: "I swear even if you later have to go to Ho Anh Also raising me not to be miserable. My house will take care of me, just I promise not to leave you. I grip my hands together to overcome this challenge! ", Ms. Phuong moved to recall. Authentic the sincerity of Anh Cuong, Ms. Phuong and Family Consent, vuun for two people. Next, he cuong made a rice tray, inviting his friends to houses, asking his friends to help him persuade his parents to let him with her sister to be coming together. Talk to your parents so they understand and cooperate for him with her sister, so the husband and wife. "My husband cried," From a big girl, I didn't argue with my parents. But what married was my life I love her, I don't live without her. I hope you have a blessing parents for 2 of us. My parents are going to definitely disagree, let me apologize for your child's crime, "said Phuong said .Is with the hearts of the son, Mr. Cuong's parents do not prohibit their affection. A wedding was held to bring Phuong's life to a new page. After the wedding, Mr. Cuong and Phuong Phuong lived in a house. Both co-faults are agreed, and for the house. The dentist feels happy because she is always loved by her husband and sharing. The parents are also very interested and sympathetic to her. The phoenix was even happier when her husband loved her daughter like the intestines. "Husband loves her child. The daughter also wrapped her father. He bought the iPad for her child to study online, taking me to eat, go out," Ms. Phuong said. Not only that, her husband's parents also love their nieces. Not long after that, Phuong was pregnant. The second baby was born, making their families more crowded, busy laughter. In the holidays, Tet, Phuong and her husband often take them to go out and give each other small gifts like lipstick, cotton Flowers, perfumes. The two happy mother shared, because the work was busy, she was helping to help her house work. "Housework, her care is hard to do. Because my work is busy from morning to night so she also sympathizes," she said. The phoenix feels happy with the current life and feel lucky When I met the man who loved himself honestly, overcoming all difficulties, challenging to him. The two-child mother said that in family lives, she could not avoid unwarming rice couple, unspoiled soup. But only coup husband loves, giving up and sympathize with each other, all difficulties can overcome. With single mothers looking for happiness, Phuong sister advised people to be confident in themselves, Economic autonomy. Choose, learn it carefully to go to the man who loves me honestly. According to her, it is the foundation for you to get a happy marriage like the present. Huynh Trang (NVCC photo)

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