The Boy Hasn’t Once Loved ‘describing’ The Wedding Night Makes The Wall Laugh

Lunch appointment program with new format, bringing people to the hypothetical situations, causing refreshing laughs for viewers instances.00: 00/2: 12 nam-southernmost and Bao Phuong have never loved anyone Put.In episode 306, MC Cat Tuong paired Le Chau Ai boys, 31 years old and Vu Thi Bao Phuong girl, 21 years old. Both are living in Ho Chi Minh City. While Bao Phuong is a final year student, Chau Ai works in the field of telecommunication installation, plans to open its own company but due to the epidemic situation, it has been postponed for 2 years

. , Chau Ai said, when he met the opposite sex, he was attracted to the way of dressing, talking, the voice was easy to listen to, like smiling and smiling perfume. Bao Phuong is attracted by a man with a delicate and funny way of talking. She also accepted himself to be gentle, Little spoke, so he liked an active person
It was a bad habit of "doing something slower than people and was shy". She also made her critical wall to laugh when sharing , do not like bald head boyfriend, beer belly, sleeping snoring and armpit. The common couple of this couple is unprecedented to have an official affair. Bao Phuong currently lives with her mother because I lost my father 18 years old, while Chau Ai is living with a friend, and his parents are in the countryside. When the circumstances of 2 people, Mc Cat Tuong cleverly asked Chau Ai as if he could stay in the same way because the family was only 2 mother and children. This suggestion, the guy said the desire His will buy a house but in the unavowned house, he can return to his family with his family. It is honest that the wedding night only hugged his wife to sleep. In the hypothetical situation, Chau Ai Roved Right Question: "Dynamic Night, Who should take the initiative and actively?" The boy who hadn't a piece of love squeezed his shoulder to be embarrassed before this question and gave a very practical and honest answer: "The house has a party, it is probably a night to sleep, but it doesn't work. Labor laughing at the answer of the boy's house, Cat Tuong turned to ask if she said that she replied, she replied, "Boring, but she". She 21 years old expects a romantic wedding night, or at least Also "borrowed alcohol but", but just hugging each other, it's like 2 friends
Explain to her honest decisions, Chau Ai said: "At many times I'm tired. Angry wife was felt, the after I did it again ". End the program, even if she seems a little wondered because her boyfriend is a bit gentle, Bao Phuong still decides to give each other a chance to learn more.

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