The Boy ‘sweet Candy’

Holding a long-sleeved skirt with yellow chrysanthemum pattern, I rang: 'Mom, choose this mother. Do you try me? '. She nodded in agreement and had a reason to be unexpected about what I wanted to try to try that dress ..

. Illustrated now, I led me to a clothing shop to choose your sister's birthday gift . Two brothers are old and born in September. Watch for a moment, I have seen what I want to choose
After asking her mother, I found a skirt to visualize whether my sister wore a beautiful before deciding to buy. Back to my mother's mother to play Aunt's house, I opened a very interesting game. I and cousin wore a skirt to paint each other as a model. I went back in the red dress throughout the game at aunt's house. I also called my father to show off my creativity. The image of the child was so funny, she couldn't help but he couldn't help. Everyone was unexpectedly, and his auntoked a few pictures and posted on a social network, accompanied by a witty state. Many people showly express emotions, with fun sentences. But there are many people who think that the son should not wear feminine, like that. With his mother, it is a very lacking comment for children
The dress is only a piece of fabric designed cleverly so that the wearer is beautiful and confident. So why do you have to get the comments imposed when you're happy and confident in each picture? Why are girls when wearing clothes that men often use, they are considered personality, while the fact that children wear a joke-like skirt will receive incorrect comments about their gender? Next, there are many times different I still thought and showed enough games with the dresses every time I played with my cousin. Mother looked at his two brothers who enjoyed "wearing" many types of singing, dancing, or turning themselves into a beautiful dolls of dolls. That's how children enjoy childhood and create many memories so that when mature can remember to laugh together. What moms see is the way you show your witness in a creative way . It is important that it brings joy to your child, giving your children and their relatives. With her mother, my child wearing such a joked skirt just shows that he is a funny boy. Moreover, nothing can change when I'm still a sentimental boy, always care about, say sweet words for mom, say gentle words with people around love. As a baby day, grandparents do not encourage mother to become a feminine daughter or personality. They encouraged the mother to play the game I like, do what I want and wholeheartedly cheering when my mother achieved some small achievements, or simply she was happy. Therefore, she didn't encourage me to become a strong or feminine boy. Mother chooses to cheer I do things I like with innocence, innocence right your age. Mother's sweet and sweet boys always enjoy the interesting things of childhood in the special way you want . Mom always next to watching and watching me smiles comfortably, happy.

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