The Boyfriend Confessed To Be Else Pregnant

Ensue that makes others pregnant, his boyfriend said farewell to me to get her as a wife, fulfilling the responsibility with the baby.0: 00/1: 58nam in the nourness and his boyfriend loved each other For 2 years, we are very interesting in everything, my parents and my parents have known their two but do not support, because they respect their children's decisions. Younger than he is 8 years old, this year is only 23 years old, and his boyfriend is 31 years old. You do it for an enterprise operating in the real estate sector. And I have just graduated from university last year, not going to work because of the epidemic, so stay at home with her parents and learn more foreign languages

. For seven months now I have a little boyfriend to meet each other telephone. He said the social way of socially shall be afraid to contact with who. I also agree with your point of view, so I'm only home, sometimes sad, my phone tells you to talk to your birthday, so I think about that day, you will meet each other
Hot emotionally, because I got my feelings more faded, but thinking that long-term stretching didn't meet each other, so "far away from the face". But I haven't kept a phone for me. I, saying my apology because I made other pregnant girls, the pregnancy was 3 months. Her parents came to see his parents to talk, now he can't irresponsibly with her and the baby in his stomach, so he said his farewell to me. He expects me to understand, sympathize and forgive him. He planned to marry her girl after stretching the social way, the wedding was compact, not rang, so I wouldn't invite me to attend. I hope I don't be sad, don't think anything and find a better man to love and be wife. But don't forget that, I still love me, and I'm always like that later. He said still loving me, loving a lot and this whole life will not be forgotten to me, and the other girl is just " Accident "unintentionally. But even if the "accident" is not to do anything other than accepting the offer he made a farewell, he also said the words love me anymore, also to do anything else?
When he betrayed me, causing someone else pregnant, then apologized to marry her as a wife was finished? Is it right, I believed and loved the mistake?

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