The Boys Started Up From The Vcr Model

Recently, when going to Dong Giang district, Quang Nam province worked, I was known now in Ta Lu Highland Commune, there were many ethnic minority households with a stable life, becoming a morning of the highland community .0:00 / 2: 42 Southern menstruation such as Mr. BH'Hoong Hero (49 years old) The nation of the monks in the united group of Pa Nai 1, Pa Nai village. He is a pioneer in a good manufacturing farmers' movement in Ta Lu commune with a model of general farm economic development - barn - forest (VCR). Last time, the model was promoted highly effectively, helping his family step by step to escape poverty sustainably

. From the loan capital of "Youth support fund started" British family Hero made hero Effective VCR modeling We visited Lai Lai boiled stables, Mr. BH'Ngong Hung opened sharing: "More than 8 years ago, my family was as poor as a cultural family in the commune. Thanks to the loan from the "Young Youth Support Fund" of the Youth Union of Dong Giang District, the District Social Policy Bank with the amount of VND 10 million, I boldly invested in buying 2 hybrid pigs Farming, unexpectedly bringing high economic efficiency "
With nature of diligence, nature of learning and hardship, Mr. BH 'Hung Hung has actively participated in most training courses for cultivation and livestock techniques due to Ta Lu commune and Dong Giang district held. When embarking on the development of animal husbandry, Mr. BH' BH'Ch Hero of the forest land of the commune planted more than 2 hectares of glue, renovated to plan 100 dwarf banana trees and sold the chamber, as a raw material to raise pigs. Right from the first batch, his pig herd grows well, healthy breeds, so he continues to invest in expanding the area of breeding to the cattle. He also planted with a dwarf banana tree to have more resources, tissue BH' BH'-Hero-shaped boilers always maintain six mother pigs during the reproduction period with flesh flocks from 15 to 20 children, the rest are hybrid boars. In addition to food is bran, rice, he also takes advantage of forest land planted with dwarf banana, vegetables ... for pigs to save investment costs
According to Mr. BH' Pedalized, the average annual mother of mother reproduces 2 litters, every litter from 7-8 children, particularly has a litter from 9 to 10. Pigs are currently ranging from 100,000 - 120,000 VND / kg. Pork meat farming from 8 to 9 months can export selling with a weight of 20-25 kg, priced from VND 75,000 - 80,000 / kg. After deducting investment costs, each year, the sale of glue, bananas and hybrid boar breeding for stable income sources from 200 to 250 million VND. From the VCR model, the economic life of the family Hero Heroes are increasingly raised. In 2020, the Executive Committee of Ta Lu Commune Farmers' Association certified Mr. BH'Shong Hung achieved the title of "Commune-level industrial production and business households in 2020" and officially escaped the list of near poor households of the commune Ta Lu.Anh A Lang Pen - Chairman of Ta Lu Commune Farmers' Association commented: Mr. BH'Hoa Hung is a farmer member who actively participates in campuses in the grassroots level. The model of economic development of the VCR farm of his family is being suggested by many members in and outside the commune to replicate. Nguyen Van Son

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