The Bravery Of ‘people Opening’

Dare to think, dare to do and pioneer in finding new directions, Mr. Nguyen Van Quang (born in 1988), in hamlet 13, Tan Linh commune (Dai Linh) not only has successful success for themselves but also inspiring and carrying Come positive changes for local youths. Hanh Nguyen Van Quang in the Food Processing Zone of the Northeast Agriculture Cooperative. Many people in Tan Linh commune can tell "walls" on the journey to start Career of guy Quang "rabbit". The reason for this name is because he is a pioneer in rabbit farming and stands out to establish cooperatives (cooperatives) Tan Linh Thanh Nien effectively works in the field of rabbit livestock and related services

. Before , Mr. Quang used to work at a foreign-invested company with a good salary. But with the desire to get rich right on the land of homeland, in 2014, he gave up stable work to start a business from the rabbit farming model
By 2015, to meet the demand for rabbit purchases in large quantities, meeting the standards of partners' seed and veterinary, he mobilized young people in the locality with the same hobby of establishing cooperatives Thanh Nien Tan Linh.With the dynamism and sensitivity of the "leader" Nguyen Van Quang, the cooperative has gradually expanded with more than 40 members (mainly union members, youth), the total rabbit rabbit over 25 thousand I, including more than 5,000 sows. Every month, Cooperative exported thousands of commercial rabbits to the market, generating an average income of VND 15-20 million / month / member. However, Mr. Quang's jobs are not economic efficiency Which is more important, it is a new change and awareness of many rural youths. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dat, Tan Linh Thanh Nien Co-operative member shared: I used to have enough career but income was unstable. From Mr. Quang's encouragement, I returned to the local business and participated in the cooperative. Shared, helping from capital, the breeds to techniques, outputs for products so my family's life has gradually stabilized
Now, I was determined to stick and enrich the land of my homeland. In the thoughts of Mr. Quang, anyone pioneering in a certain area will always face difficulties but at the same time open up many opportunities If determined, persevering to overcome. He also said the goal of his target to make it clear and steadfastly doing it. In August 2019, Mr. Quang continued to have a new step on a business road when starting the establishment of the Northeast Construction Agriculture Cooperative (Northeast Cooperative). Co-operators are chaired by the Board of Directors and their directors and activities mainly in the field of food supply and processing. This is one of the first cooperatives of Dai Tu district with an animal slaughtering and food processing establishments according to the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, built according to the Planning and Project of the Provincial People's Committee and district. For: in the current livestock segment, slaughtering and processing are weak but bringing high profit value. When going into this stage, it will be proactive in the market and minimize risks in livestock. The Northeast Cooperative was invested VND 2.8 billion to build a base of slaughtering cattle, poultry and processing zones. The project has a total area of nearly 900m2, the average capacity is 400 animals, poultry / day. Along with that is a modern machinery system for slaughtering and processing food. Processed products of the cooperative provided to the market such as: sausage, sausage, sausage, macadam ... from chicken, pig, rabbit, cow, horse ... about raw materials, cooperatives associated with farms Livestock, cultivation according to VietGAP standards in and outside the commune to ensure supply. After 2 years of operation, the Northeast Cooperative provides regular products for more than 20 restaurants and retailers in the district, revenue reaches over 20 million VND / day. Recently, cooperatives have signed a food supply contract for semi-boarding kitchens of 7 preschools. In addition to the field of food, the Northeast Cooperative also expanded its operations to collect and handle frequent domestic waste for thousands of households in 4 communes: Tan Linh, Phu Lac, Phu Cuong, Tien Hoi (Great Lang) . "Always innovating to develop" is his motto and also the signal of the Northeast Cooperative. Mr. Quang said, in the coming time, it will continue to expand the current scale of cooperatives towards deep production and deep processing. At the same time, constantly innovating, finding effective directions to connect young people, local workers to participate in economic development, enrich themselves on the main land of Que Huong.

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