The British Engineer Claims To Determine The Position Of Mh370 Aircraft In Distress

The MH370 aircraft body is supposed to be located in the position of Perth of Australia's Perth to the west, at a depth of about 4,000m under the sea. A British aviation engineer claims to have identified the exact coordinates of the machine. Fly MH370 in distress and fall into the Indian Ocean, raise the hope of decoding one of the largest mysteries of the aviation industry. Richard Godfrey announced that the MH370 plane fell into the sea in place about 1.933km from Perth (Australia) to the west, in the coordinates "33,177 ° S (Male) 95,300 ° E (East)"

. This plane is supposed to be located at a depth of 4,000 meters on the seabed. "The position of falling aircraft is located in the foot of Broken Ridge (Ocean Highlands in Indian Ocean Southeast), in an area with a rugged terrain. There are mountain cliffs and cliffs, a submorine volcano and a alley Mountain "- Mr
Godfrey said in the report on the page on November 30. Mr. Godfrey predicts his research will help find the MH370 aircraft in 2022.V

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