The British Navy Was Criticized For Triggering Causing Deaf Dolphins And Whales

The Royal Navy has made 107 bombs sunk throughout the UK for the past 10 years and scientists believe that these explosions have damaged the hearing of dolphins, whales, serious influence on The existence of them.0: 00/1: 45 Southern men's vulnerability can be fatal to marine animals that are based on listening to vibrations to exist with Daily Star, scientists say fish Pork, whales can all be deaf by an explosive bomb on the sea if they are within 30 km around the explosion. They say that vibrations from explosions can cause permanent damage to any Animals within 1.6 km. The Royal Navy divers have made 107 bombs sunk throughout the UK for the past 10 years

. Scientists estimate that every time a explosive bomb has 60 deaf marine creatures. Campaigners because animals believe that explosion of underwater bombs are threatening the survival of marine life Because they rely on hearing to navigate, communicate and earn food. Repeat the concerns on, Minister of Defense Jeremy Quin said, the Ministry had methods of handling underwater bombs instead of bombing
That, the British Defense Department bought more than 600 systems that could remove bombs and bullets at seabed without having to explode them. A large number of explosives remained under the British waters after being aircraft German bombs throw down during the Second World War. This day these explosives are often searched and explosive with small fees. Before blasting them, divers often check the surrounding area In order to ensure that no mammary marine animals are new. However, the campaigners say this measure is not enough and does not count the impact of the sound (of the explosion) within the sale Up to 30km. Danny Groves, which belongs to the charity organization of whale and dolphins said the listening is important for marine creatures as visible to people. Tuan

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