The Brother-in-law Led You On Drinking, In The Middle Of The Drunken, He Said A Sentence That Makes My Mother To Rise To Pour The Bowl, Chase All The Guests

After the wedding of his brother-in-law voluntarily returned to his house to his mother-in-law. Since then, it has been 4 years now, he always proved to be a son-in-law and understood. In / 2: 19 Nam Nam, I have two sisters, are married. My father died, now her mother lives with my sister and brother-in-law. Wome before, about 12 noon, she suddenly called to tell me to go home right away

. Hearing my mother's voice was very urgently, I hurriedly returned. Going to the house, I was startled to see my sister and the brother-in-law sullenly in the chair, in the middle of the living room, the bowl was broke, and my mother the tunnel was angry. Moe saw I immediately burst into tears
stories. It turned out that the brother-in-law manok the friends about drinking friends. My mother and my sister out from morning, according to the plan is that the afternoon is at home so the brother-in-law has taken you back. How do they talk to the relationship between his brother-in-law and my mother. "If you don't have to wait less, she went to the name for the land, I moved out for a long time. Don't let me crave too hard old old lady!", Angry brother-in-law uttered such a sentence with friends . Currently at my mother a squake chasing her out to rent the inn. (Artwork) He had just finished his words to die when my mother stood right in front of her. It turned out that she was dizzying to return and sleep in the house, only my sister went to the story. The brother-in-law believed that his mother and his wife had been absent so he was comfortable to speak without thought
When I was in my voice, my mother woke up but kept silence in the room so everyone was natural. I didn't expect to hear that son-in-law. My mother was rage, right in front of her son-in-law's friends pouring the rice bowl, causing the other people to ran away. She immediately called a daughter to make a loud house, his brother-in-law was not justifying anything. After the wedding, his brother-in-law was voluntarily returned to his mother. Since then, it has been 4 years now, he has always been a son-in-law and understanding. Words in the other drink don't know if you have a true thinking? Brother-in-law, one ink is inking that only jokes with you to remove some of the houses, but at my mother a squeak chase her to rent the inn. She didn't look for you anymore. My grandson was 2 years old, since the sister to work again, it was still one of my mother to take care of my family. I was hard to think, I went out, only my mother wasn't peaceful at all. But his brother-in-law was also blaming, she cared for me like that and still peoked her property. According to everyone in this situation, I have to advise my mother and my sister? According to Giang Giang / Fatherland newspaper

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