The Burden Poured On The Shoulder Of A Woman When Her Husband, The Child Turned The Disease

She rubbed, 50 years old, the thin man was holding alone with the family with three people in the status: Husband of heavy disease, daughter of half, the son was hospitalized in the hospital. Poverty, illness is making her family rubbing the ranked 9: 00/5: 08 NAMCON DOWNS DOWN, HERE HERE NGUYEN LE THU TRAN, SN 1965 in Yen Dinh village, Da Trach commune, Khoai Chau district, province Hung Yen was only 50 years old but old and thin because for years to take care of the whole family with their husbands and their sick children. Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh - Her husband and her husband was a veteran. Unhappily coming in July 2020, Mr

. Thanh suffered a resulting in severe neurology, losing his ability to work and language skills. Every month, his money in his medicine was 5 million dong. In the past month, Mr
Thanh suffers from bronchial blockages, breathing difficult. The family took him to the doctor, a doctor for drugs to drink but not. In the afternoon, he became a fever, his chest was in a place. Health declined, he was not able to speak, to the rice cooker could not help his wife. My girl rubbed was 33 years old but did not have a cognitive, half-life. Photos of GD and taking care of her husband, she rubbed to worry about Nguyen Thi Luyen's daughter who was sick down from a young age. This year is 33 years old but there is no awareness, hemiplegia. According to her shared, at 3 months of age with meningia. Located in the hospital for a while and taken away in many places remains unable. DISCIPARY LEARN LEADER MAKE HILLED HEAD, CIRCULAR, IMPORT
.. always need a career. The disease of attachment is getting worse. Do not eat rice normally but only drink milk. One hand she rubbed to worry about the sanitation of attachment without autonomy. Those the only round of the day to care for two adults like the mind just like a child, sometimes crazy to fight back, grandma Rubbing extremely painful. Although all burdens poured up, they turned their husbands to loves their children, she rubs no matter whatever, just hoping her husband is healthy with me. The thoughts are difficult but when the daughter is sick Down became seriously ill, the disaster came down with the youngest son Nguyen Van Thang. While winning is leaving unfortunate clocks, the scaffolding causes a heavy injury, breaking both legs. Winning has been surgically in Hung Ha Hospital (Hung Yen) but goes home for 4 days of infection. Family brought back to the hospital so far more than 20 days has not been returned. House anchored people, to take care of the victory, relatives love people to take care of. " Out of the market, built and went to the whole chickens, wins, I didn't have a lot of money for your mother to add it to my mother to add to the medicine. SHARE SHARE. Ms. Ms. Ms. Rubbing with a two-legged broken accident is treated in Hung Ha BV (Hung Yen). Photos of gd at home now to take care of her husband and take care of the base of the hospital for a son. She received a journal for the motel in front of the house, the work from the morning to 10 pm was 200,000 dong. She rubbed, also forced to do it next to the house, so she still enlisted the rice house, taking care of her husband. Yet the disease affects, her lodge is paused, her income is also lost. Taused, to improve her life to borrow investment in livestock farms for boys to do. Constructing the epidemic in pigs in pigs outbreaking, losing losses so it is resting. To repay the debt, she sold the land. Money all, to treat his loved ones, Ms. rubs had to borrow, running back and running. Debt debt is now up to several hundred million dong. "Normally, but the wins, the two mother and I tried to work to cover the two sick people. Winning now, I don't know right Lo anymore. My family ended, "she rubbed. It was known, she herself rubbed the vestibular disease, losing blood sugar but did not dare to see. Currently the family is only available for medicine without spending money. When winning an accident, people love each person who collects a little to send down to the hospital fee. She rubbed how to raise three people in the state of heavy-resisting ears, the daughter was covered with a bad sigh of a bad prognosis, the sister hospitalized with an accident. The poverty is gradually pushing her family rubs into the extreme extremely difficult. Help her family help - Code 692 Please send it to: 1. Ms. Le Thi Xoang in Yen Dinh village, Da Trach commune, Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen province2. Online support on Nhat Ai bracelet / Submitted: Code 6923. Supporting the "Compassional Bracelet" program, in the Family and Social Report Cement. Address 11th floor, Building of General Department DS-KHGĐ, Lane No. 8, Ton That Thuyet, My Dinh 2, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi (opposite My Dinh bus station). Submitted: Code 692 If any questions, please send to email Phone: 0975 839 126/09782109224. Supporting VND through Vietnam Industrial and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Vietinbank): Account name: Family and Social Newspaper. Account number: 125

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