‘the Cannibalist’ Washes Into The Us Coast

A meat-eating sail fish has been on the beach near the Oceanographic Institute of Scripps (SIO) of California University, San Diego - USA.0: 00/1: 36 Southern Southern CNN dated 4-12 to report people The sea discovered about 1.2 m long after last month. Although it is not rare but this is the first sail fish found in San Diego Beach since 1996, and the sail The 17th was found in the area since 1947. The sailfish said on - the list name Sio 21-37 - is the latest addition to SIO's vertebrate collection

. Ben Frable manager told CNN radio that the fish was discovered at La Jolla Shores, still alive but then died when he got into the mainland and was targeted by seagulls about 1.2 long sirls. m
Photo: CNNtheo Mr. Frable, the sail can wash into the beach for some reasons such as escaping the predator or being pushed into the sea and cannot escape the sea. (NOAA) said sails possess giant eyes, jumps out and slippery body. It is bisexual animal, with both reproductive organs and a famous carnivore. Their food includes fish and other invertebrates. Sails can grow to more than 2 meters of frable for or sails that are not easy to observe on deep water floors even though they are in all the world's oceans. Sio takes tissue samples of sails to identify genetic information and other data. "From the perspective of research, sails opens into the door to the world of food in the ocean" - Mr. Frable said. 1 week, a super-rare Pacific football fish was discovered on the Black's Beach coast, California - USA
Pham Nghia

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