The Caribbean Island Only Welcomes High-income Visitors

The island of Montserrat is still open to visitors in the context of Covid-19 pandemic remains complicated. However, only those who earned from USD 70,000 / year to visit this place. According to EuroNews, to maintain revenue from tourists between Covid-19 Pandemic, Montserrat opened in April Now and only welcome rich tourists. Those who want to go to the island need to be able to pay high entry fees and a minimum holiday of 2 months. Until now, only 21 people belong to 7 groups of family members to meet the chosen criteria of themselves MONTSERRAT, the New York Times reported

. One of the criteria is that visitors must have a minimum income of US $ 70,000 / year.Montserrate is described as one of the most attractive islands of the Caribbean. Photo: Canva
High fees, visitors enjoy a vacation on the island and avoid the epidemic crisis still happening worldwide. With the first tourists of MONTSERRAT this occasion, this is A really attractive option. Mrs. Bajkor told New York Times: "I remember at the beginning of the pandemic, I wondered if there was any place in the world without facing this madness. And here, nothing can kill Die you, except the volcano ". Soufriere Hills volcano last time erupted in 1995 and a daily warning system still monitor its activity. MONTSERRAT island only recorded 33 cases of infection and a cider-related death -19. On the island, people and visitors do not need to wear a mask when going to the street. It is famous for its black sand beaches, beautiful terrain and diversity. Photo: Canva
To make sureby visitors do not cause the infection threat to the Monstserrat people, visitors come here, whether in vaccination or not yet isolated for 2 weeks and testing Covid-19 . In nearly 5,000 montserrat residents, the proportion of people who have vaccinated only less than 1/4, so the prevention of epidemic is still a top priority to avoid a high-risk outbreak that can occur. This week, 5 cases of Covid-19 are reported on the island, all are being isolated, according to the spokesman for the Prime Minister's Tourism Department of the Prime Minister. A hosting shop owner named Andrew Myers explained why only those who earn more than 70,000 USD / year are invited to the island. The reason is that local tourism can attract more trade from this visitors. The strict entry rules of the island are about to change. From October 1, all tourists who have been vaccinated will be welcome to Montserrat. Minimum residence regulations will also be ignored. EUROnews

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