The Cat Reunited With The Master After The Collapse In Florida

In the context of recovery efforts continues to be conducted after the 12-storey apartment collapse in Miami-Dade, Florida, USA, a lost cat has been reunited with families, a rare good news in The case is 9: 00/1: 51 male apartment collapsing apartments to kill at least 79 people. Illustration of Reuters. The cat named Binx was found in the rubble on the evening 9/7, then returned with the owner, who lived on the 9th floor of the building, Mayor Miami-Dade Daniella Levine Cava for Know. "I'm happy to share a good information, even small, but contribute to us more hope in this heart attack," Ms. Cava said

. The head does not give details about the family Family of this cat. A volunteer is taking care of a group of cats in the area, discovering Binx and taking this cat to the Pet Care Center. Here, Binx was identified and found the owner
He was most determined to have died in the apartment collapse, 61 people were still missing until the evening of 9 / 7. The incident happened on June 24. At the Champlain Towers South apartment, a medium building and a view of the sea, not far from Miami. 55/36 apartments in this apartment collapsed. The rest of the apartment was completely demolished then to avoid another disaster that could happen,200 people living and staying at this apartment at the time of the incident was "points" and confirmed Safety. In the past 2 weeks, hundreds of rescue workers have carefully digged the ruins in the hope of finding the survivor. However, no one is alive found from this rubble. The search ends after 2 weeks, redirecting to the recovery after the disaster. Local officials said it took several weeks to dig to the bottom of the rubble. Workers have worked non-stop during the past time
However, sometimes they have to suspend the work due to concerns about the rest of the building are not safe enough as well as extremely bad weather due to the storm of Elsa. Of the apartment collapse, undergoing Nearly 40 years with storm wind in Florida, still being investigated.Duy Tien (According to ABC News)

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