The Causes Make Friends Ease Of Acne

Many daily habits make skin skin secretion, increasing the risk of pores and pores and pimples: 00/1: 56 namdeo namdeo masks: masks are necessary items in the episodes. However, the mask should only be used once for medical masks. Fabric masks need to be clean before reuse. Sweat, excess oil, bacteria on dirty masks contribute to acne grow more in chin, jaw and cheek borders. Photo: Mountelizabet

. Do not wash your face: During the day, dirt, oil, makeup layers accumulate on the skin. If you do not wash your face before sleeping, these impurities will block pores and form acne. Besides, they still dirty your pillowcase
Sleeping on a poorly hygienic pillow also causes facial skin to be acne. Photo: Grazia. Sleeping: Sleeping is the time for your body to rest, restore and repair lesions. When sleeping, cortisol concentration decreases. Sleeping does not have enough sleep as a fatigile body, stress and increase cortisol levels. High cortisol associated with excessive activity of sebaceous glands. Photo: Insider.Use too much acne treatment products: Excessive use of acne creams containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or sulfur skin making skin easily dry, red. Besides, they stimulate skin to produce more oil and pimples. Photo: Momspresso
Excessive dead skin: No exfoliating is one of the causes of acne. However, if scrubbing too much, the skin protection barrier will weaken. Now, bacteria are easy to penetrate and cause damage to the skin. Photo: SCMP.Hot cigarette: Not only leads to many dangerous diseases, smoking also decomposes collagen, elastin, creating wrinkles and increasing pores. The chemicals in smoke also cause skin irritation, causing the skin to dry, sample samples. Photo: Mamamia. Acne is not properly: Squeeze, poke the acne that hides the risk of infection and leaving the scarring later. When trying to take the pores from pores, you can push bacteria into deeper. In addition, touching the skin also contributes to bacteria from hand to face. Photo: SafeGuard. The decision has the skin without acne properly care to help you prevent acne effectively, and have a smooth, fresh skin.

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