The Central Highlands Has Strange Fruits With Fingers, Super Expensive Prices But Have Money Yet To Buy

This strange type is being 'hunted' housewives 'hunts' because of its special deliciousness as well as its cute shape.0: 00/2: 9 southern regions for the strong development of social networks that types Strange plants, imperial regions of the region are also known more. There are extremely familiar fruits, sticking with the childhood of many people but surprisingly surprise to other people. There are also new fruits that are regional specialties, causing people elsewhere to be jealous, just want to work immediately to a trip to enjoy. Strange shape of Xiu is causing fever on Tiktok below is one For example

. Many network accounts show off to eat this special tiny fruit, making the eyes wide. Accordingly, this strange fruit is shaped just a little bit more than a little finger. When it was green, it seemed a bit like a stomach cucumber, while nine will turn purple, looks very like eggplant or grapes of imported fingers
This tiny has no ripened green, nine will change color Violet. (Photo cut from the clip, source: @ User01y8c2YP8A) This strange type is also very easy to peel off when ripe, revealing an attractive blue fruit meat, which looks very flexible as a wax butter. In particular, those who have been eaten, they complicate its sweet, fat, yellow rice without a little particle. It is exactly avocado, but not usually butter is a tiny butter. This tiny butter is high quality, sweet, fat and absolutely no particles so very high. (Photo cut from the clip, Source: @ Le Thi Kieu Vy) Tiny butter only appeared in the Central Highlands About 2 - 3 years ago, also known as male or butter butter, because of the special shape its. The tiny butter is also a rare fruit that is difficult to find, because each house only tried a few trees, interlaced with other avocado varieties. This is the type of high-yield, harvesting very little, so almost those who are very difficult to buy. The tiny tiny looks very beautiful, delicious and no seeds should be favored by housewives . According to the people who are proficient about cultivation, tiny butter is not a new variety, but avocado rising on
.. male butter. The structure of flowers makes pollen seeds not fall into the end of the pistil, so the process of pollination does not occur, do not form particles. Therefore, the garden house wants to grow this butter must conduct a graft, eye transplantation breeds on the tree of other butter, usually avocado 034 - a very delicious and expensive butter - rather than producing seedlings This tiny butter is quite high, ranging from 120,000 to 200,000 VND / kg, depending on its deliciousness as well as its rare. But don't have money to buy tiny butter. This type of fruit is difficult to transport and crashes so only sells near, or pre-ordered to buy and buy by the aircraft, send it by the aircraft line, the guests have the opportunity to enjoy.Theo Bich Chi / Law

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