The Change Of ‘baby’ Xuan Mai At The Age Of 26

Since marriage, Xuan Mai is less involved in art. She was born three children and focused on Family Care.0: 00/1: 21 Nam Date 9/7, Xuan Mai posted a new image on fanpage. Female singer encourages audiences to overcome difficult times of epidemics: "My house tries to keep health, hard to stay at home soon to return to normal life. Come on"

. It was possible to see the voice of a bright baby stork when he was with his commune. Xuan Mai at the age of 26 has a round face, gaining weight significantly after giving birth to three babies. She went to the business instead of pursuing art
Xuong Mai posted a photo of her husband. Photo: FBNV. With Zing about marriage and hidden, Xuan Mai confided: "Lovers know I live in love, family and always dream about my own home. But I'm very very Significant about this. I want you to grow in my parents' love. "The singer revealed him, but he himself reminded himself to grow and mature. "I not only lived for myself but also my husband and children. Before thinking or doing something, I have to think that I do affect your family, are people sad because I'm not. That Well because each decision to make careful, can't be hot, "Xuan Mai said.Theo Xuan Mai shared, her current life was not flashy and comfortable
Every day, her couple goes to work, the three children asks for mothers to help. Also miss the homeland, the stage should hope that one day is not far away will come to Vietnam to sing for the audience.

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