The Charity Shadow Of Cong Vinh – Thuy Tien: Requires So It Is Too Much?

Before the statement did not call a charity anymore and would sue some individuals of Thuy Tien, suggest that she was' hitting the next 'and needed more alert but also someone frankly' absent, the market still East '... 0: 00/6: 13 Southern Southern Statement is too much? This topic has been interested by VietNamNet readers and fans of Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien couples. However, much controversy also arises from here

. The bowel fans believe that those who require statements almost no contributions to the charity activities of Thuy Tien couple - Cong Vinh. Types of comments are similar to the opinions of Tien Tien Dzung readers: " Those who contributed to the charity fund of Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien did not speak anyone, while those who did not contribute to any coin into the Fund, deducting the incident, vulnerable The plot to curse with the couple of Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien. People who do not contribute a penny, give me the right to slander to another person unfounded
.. Who are they? It's just a thing to eat, there are things I never can do, but others can get a jealousy, jealousy ". Vinh and Thuy Tien in the Statement on 17/9. Of this reader, you Tuan Anh shared: "Besides the socio-economic development still many people fall into difficult scenes, especially circumstances affected by natural disasters, diseases need help Support of the Council. So encourage each other to encourage everyone to promote the good tradition to be mutual in the community, don't deduce, criticize anymore. I am mostly artists like Hoai Linh, Thuy Tien, Tran Thanh, ... not as bad as everyone thinks
They are people who are rich with money, with minds and are willing to be dedicated to do charity, look at what they can do for themselves but stop it ". Thanh Thao also shared the viewpoint of the couple Fairy: "It's strange, goodness was condemned, and those who were sorry to humiliate others. Who wants to be transparent to give money to the audit, the police went on and then asked. People have a summary of summarizing and not being able to print 18,000 pages, then the hundreds of millions of charges have paid to his wife? There also claim this audit. "However, many people gave mixed opinions. You QuocViet is one of them: "Society must always be criticized, not everyone only follows a robot. And the story claims to public statements is completely normal, and it is the responsibility of charity people. If you do not do so, you must convert to a professional charity model, register the organization and managed by the government ". Division of the People Looking forward to the authorities do the same to came with all the problems:" Lost Trust is losing everything, even though it doesn't work anyone, no one supports, dare to pay the money to do it with yourself. The authorities also have to do with the same, do not have to stop it. "Charity is not a monopoly story of VietNamNet's readership issue: If Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh and many other artists do not call for charity anymore , Who will do to support people? The answer of readers quickly was responded quickly: "Charity is not exclusive. Artists don't do it others. Artists who are transparent (if they receive the money of the community to carry a charity), no one complains. While or reacting to the community or worse, it is necessary to see the mind, and no one is pressed to do it all. "Just view, a Chinese name read the comments:" You do right, nothing Must be afraid. Having done transparent, but crying with anger doesn't do anything anymore. Filled by the benefactor they abandoned hundreds of millions of billions made, you only called and sponsored, but you lost my capital to lose interest, ". Reviewed is full of sulky of Thuy Tien and Cong Vinh: "Charity workers must be transparent when the end of a charity operation. Don't openly openly and wait for someone to say "dream" and then do it. It can be sympathetic because it is not known to be somewhat carefree in public-expenses. When having a person who reminds himself, it is true that it is necessary to do ... don't take the attitude "anger" to cover your shortcomings to do. Publicly is the right thing to do. "You have to ask questions is also an artist but why do people do not make public opinion to ask for any project:" Why is Linh's rights and Ly Hai couple Stand up as a charity, do they have any questions? Or just one respect for them? Making charity is voluntary, but it has been called for, but it must be transparent ". It is necessary to be afraid! That is the opinion of Phong Quang readers: "People dare to stipulate a pile of inputs, they will not be afraid of their output. It is said to sue it, the more and later dare. just wait. If the winning is also a deterrent lesson for those who like to hide others but think they will

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