The Child Does Not Eat, Her Husband ‘open The Flag In The Abdomen’ Because It Is Eaten

I see no sensible eating husband, things necessary to tight spending, afterwards 2 couples quarrel because 'intelligent targets hoaChi Thanh Tam hoang'.Anh Oh! There are stories that are funny but is one of the things that she wants her husband to change the most. Count my husband well, others you can accept, lazy a little bit is okay, but separate the "streak eat" their husbands, married almost 3 years, I have not yet succeeded duoc.Cac suggestions ancient instruments teach, "hidden in a pot, sitting in direction" but my husband is incredibly graceless in Clause eating. Have a party, have a feast or festival with her husband, children often want "burrowed"

. Every time sitting on the platter, my husband only interested tidbit to yourself, take food to eat, no matter what people around are doing, say gi.Em still remember, once so ashamed of your wedding Dear. Groom was glad of the bride cut the cake, pour wine, MC exhorted everyone raised a glass to celebrate the bridegroom, bride
Everyone stood up and cheered my husband was busy gnawing on a turkey leg is not lifted up their eyes. Kids drag shirt to remind her husband but he was too busy to eat, not even paying attention. This scene has the camera of your home you save, sometimes pulling out to tease em.Con much again, while his wife is child care busy, want to pick up for the cut of meat, but he was too busy to eat, not to notice nothing. Nearby sat cousin know what, should get something to help. Thanh Tam embarrassing me sir. Not own the eating deck, even eat at home, too. I have not seen any family, were released tidbit quickly met, then the mother must stand out resolution, divide the food for two father. Kids tired of this scene so she a.Gan this difficult disease, the work of the two couples are affected, the salary is reduced
But children are old eat big, I could not bear to be in short supply, so try to buy enough food for the children. But say it again more shame, who eat mostly is my husband. Just saw you said "I do not eat anywhere" was released as "open flag in the stomach" and I always eat households. Many today I deliberately do not like to cook but do not prevent her husband was "hungry" of her husband. He further called on the food outside, leaving his meal "team" more phi.Den Last month, aggregated meals and living expenses, my husband up and told me this shoe wild pepper. My husband willing to put 1 170 thousand ducks turned about to eat, but unfortunately for me sitting on the cool air conditioning. My husband liked to eat beef, even though only 2 couples would not hesitate to buy almost all the weight to fried beef tenderloin. But when the mother sick, he again concern in buying her gifts 1 carton of milk costs 320 thousand dong.Nhieu times they have suggestions about "streak eat" her husband, but he turned out narcissism or say " he eating his body and I also regret you? ". Hearing this I do not know how to speak again. I see no sensible eating husband, things necessary to tight spending, afterwards 2 couples quarrel because "profligate". I have tried to think of ways to stack themselves understand the problem, such as mimic follow to husband "itchy eyes" that review itself. Yet again my husband was "in favor of" new fear rather: "Well, to eat like that, you give little mother, eat healthy mother was working." I just funny just "empty words". What is she tall so help me change this streak of my husband khong.Ngan England (Bac Ninh) Hello! As I shared, in addition to "streak eat" ugly pretty good husband, he calculated. But "eat, sleep is the first" that you, he will be healthy, happy and positive work, family care. What is needed now is to find measures "inhibit" eating habits "do not look around first to" husbands, any fatigue in children will disappear right? I'm thinking of at the Kids Cooking and divided by the daily diet, so that people voluntarily eat their diets alone. Food division from the beginning, part of me is my lunch, parents are parents. Meanwhile, my husband will be out "section of the" do not eat. It sounds funny, but the fathers "children" should be "thoroughly" right from the start like that. Whenever eating deck, you can do what dish mild abdominal husband stomach lining prior to eating, he is not blinded hunger. Hopefully, my husband always eat well in order to have healthy supple. Remind him attention exercise and movement appropriate to undetected Minister nhe.Thanh Mind

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