The Children Live In The Tribute Between The Capital Of The Flower: ‘cold Tolerance, Just Hope To Rain’

Hanoi to find work due to disease but should not have the two brothers Nguyen Huu H. same people you just know the sewer slept for over ngay.0: 00/4: domain 08Nu NamNhung child in between traditional sewer capital hoaNhung days, cold Hanoi. The cold cut skin, cut meat makes people want to return home after a tiring working hours huddled inside relatives. But already several days past, Nguyen Huu H

. (born in 2003, native of Thanh Hoa) and full brother, born in 2004 just know cling to life through the sewer drain ngay.Nap old, same place Huu H. brother and some other people living temporarily through ngay
Tim to an empty lot next to the My Dinh bus station on a cold winter night, no electric lights, no noisy, here as isolated from the bustle at Prime prosperous capital. A group of teenagers are huddled by the fire flickering beside a few old sewer mem.Thay we arrived, some shadow nearby stroll away each direction. Little boy also stroll by: "We thought the police to pursue because not gather", H. silly smile after portly mo.Ngoai fire flames, young people here do not have anything between winter night. the tool now has 4 people in tam.Huu H. visited Hanoi livelihood is 2 years, he was young enough hustle every industry since the steps to the capital prosperous. From protecting condominiums, service waiter to the lights dim at the karaoke bar, but the disease strikes, he had no job
"About 10 days ago I visited the house, arguing with my father, so I with you back to Hanoi son always. Since then, well over 1 week and then they do not find work anymore. Old people seat enough people do it, so they temporarily live out this sewer ", Huu H. looked up towards the lights of tall buildings along noi.Huu H. brother and your newly added 1 a blanket in dem.Mot cold people huddled also pleased to be with and accepted always, the more crowded the better am.Huu H. born into a family with a difficult situation. Life at home mom struggling labor H. exported monetization life cover. H. finish Grade 9 are out of school, his brother, then grade 7. "Know what word I did not stop them going to school. Kids go to school holidays as always, brother, too. Mother to go abroad to do penny they send money to build a house dad. At home the finished house building but also in debt, they want to make money you help her parents, "Being open manhole cover H. choking lai.Cai first leg but temporary openings that housing stability at least for the time being for ho.Huu H. is an outspoken teenager: "I do not where announced, published or drink should be at home mother or quarrel with him that much. We make money to support their families, just love your mother because her mother suffering abroad who doubt fell into the scene without work ", H. su.'Lanh center stand, just do not expect heaven mua'Ra Hanoi organic H. brother mere few hundred thousand and an older phone. After several days without work, the two brothers also spent. H. also has a bank account but only 1-2 hundred thousand. "Before you step out here one summerhouse should know what this sewer, no place to sleep had a shelter here and not know where to go again. Sleeping here a few days, then up the phone also lost then, the money that was several hundred thousand also not withdraw anymore. Who to eat cassava cassava, potato chips ate alone survive, "Friends with Kids H. H. su.Huu center and others here just wish to have a job to cover life in a foreign land .No longer money, had no phone, and her brother H. white Huu nothing left hand where a foreign land. What anyone for this project. A few days without bathing place, living, the brothers to bring together a people's living quarters nearby pleased nho.Hai bath brothers in a few days, there are more man born in 1999 and at the same for general scene without work. Sitting burning heating there uncle cold huddled also to apply in the same, so the manhole cover tiny 4 people together in. "We're nothing to lose so well in the same always, do not be afraid. I took a shower the other day, right away thanks but no room shower bath ", H. Friends split between the manhole cover se.Song in cold weather, some sympathy also a blanket to avoid cold:" A few days before could we have only a thin blanket, spread downwards to lie to avoid the cold, then use the shirt up over nguoi.Gio have to add a blanket to cover. Yesterday also have to protect jobs for us to introduce you, it is not clear how it must come to know, but if there are good jobs ", Q. noi.Gio here, H. and her brother and friend there are only wished for a job for a living for themselves and help care for their families back home. "Someone to sure help then, coming four children to see the stars, wish to obtain a job to help suffering. Here night sleep is ignorant, light up as people see enclosed mosquito bites, scratching his arms and legs like a monkey. Cold could we still stand but do not expect the rainy sky, the stars that manhole cover rain cover is "H. choked.

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