The Cold-shocking Dishes Are Shocking, Just Looking At Russia

Buffalo flies, fermented meat, fish jelly ... are specialties of people northern Russia but extremely horrible with many people 9:00 / 4: 36 namkopalkhen domain - meat fermented is a solid food Special of Northern people. The external people are not familiar with poisoning, even death if the liver try this dish

.Kopalkhen is reindeer, seals and cinema are buried in the land or permanent freezing land in little Most half years to ferment. Fermented animal. Photo - Keneth Konklet, when buried, local people will starve animals for a few days to clean the stomach then make the animal die and bury underground
In this time, the development microorganisms do instead Change and decompose the ingredients of meat and generate toxins. The indigenous people eat Kopalkhen from small, so the body was used to. And with outsiders, this is a dish that should not try.Kiviak - stuffed seals This is one of the extremely special dishes of Eskimo nation in Russia. This food is often processed on the occasion of the festival, not only carrying The special flavor but also the source of food, food reserves for Eskimo during the cold time. Cranes stuffed birds and buried into the land holes, cliffs to ferment. Photo - Legion Media Extremely simple Processing Processing Formula: Make a meat of a seawater or seal, remove the player and stuffed the small bird meat (Anca bird) inside. Especially, they have no extractors of the whole Hai Crane / Hai Ma and Birds. After that, people lean fat to fill the cuts on the seal skin and put it into the deep, deep underground hole to preserve for 6-8 months. Over time, meat birds will be fermented by microorganisms from the seals
This, decided to try tasting or not asking people to "balance the brain" because the smell of meat after fermenting is very concentrated. When suffering enzymes, people will dig up, open the seals, take the bird meat. Where to eat, the local people pluck the birds. The smell of meat is so small that people only dare to enjoy at outdoor parties. Normally, each seal can stuffing about 400 birds.vilmullymut - Romans are a dish to start in the northern region of Russia, people often make soup from reindeer organs. People will cut separately Parts such as nails, velvet and lips of reindeer, roasted carefully on fire and soaked about 3-4 days to run out of bitter. Then, this mixture is boiled until soft, comparative liquid. After waiting for a cool mixture, it is added to the liver, taking into the skin or a pan, covered with darkness and waiting for fermentation for about 4-6 weeks later.Kanyga - "essence" from yes Thick reindeer foods have not been digested in reindeer stomach. Photo - Makarov's Twitter account This is a dish that does not need processing of the Koryak and Eskimo. Only simple, after catching and reindeer meat, people will leave the stomach. Foods like grass, moss and mushrooms are still in the stomach that have not yet been digested, still empowering, which is the food of Koryak and Eskimo. People here often mix with berries such as blueberries.Kanyga are said to have the effect of supporting digestion of a lot of grease, protein and very rich in vitamins, fiber, hard to find in different types Other foods Area Nguyen.Munychebukech - Fish head of sour fish head. Photo - This Live JournalMan is made from many types of salmon heads. People will do a head, remove the eyes, bring fish, mix with red salted eggs, pour in the box, cover the steam lid, so that for many days. - Thryths of a very rich place like Primorsky Krai and Khabarovsk Krai, this fishy smells are also transformed by Udege people into a dessert. Fish jelly made from Keta salmon skin is dried, cleaning with scales, adding milk and stews until the piece of leather is achieved structure like jelly. The rest is simply pouring fish to the bowl, adding berry fruits, oak seeds and enjoying.kuyukta - larvae of flies fly buffalo flies are used as a protein-rich snack with a dish Make many people's most shocking people of Northern people in Russia. Kuyukta is the larvae of buffalo flies, an insect or clinging, eating and parasitic on reindeer body. The need to lay eggs on reindeer skin. A few days later, larvae hatched, entering the animal skin to grow throughout the months. This time, reindeer is often intense itching, skin chants and loss of tissue. Some cases seriously, the animal may die.Do, the arrest and eating buffalo fly larvae are considered a way to help reindeer from suffering but also bring a protein-rich snack. Reindeer farmers often arrest larvae from the middle of summer onwards.AKutak - Eskimokem's ice cream made from animal fat. Photo - Matyáš HavelTrange is not a cream made of milk, covering chocolate as usual but from the fatty / cipher's fat is ripen into liquid, hitting ice cream, mixed with berries and can be added Little road. Tran (According to Russian Beyond The Headlines)

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