The Company Has A New Staff, Just Heard Him Greet A Sentence, My Heart Stops Beating

Looking at the computer screen, I realized the company's new staff was strong - the person I didn't want to meet. My first love ended in suffering and resentment. About 3 years ago, I and my strong farewell. We fell in love from the day of college and were commented by everyone to be beautiful. After graduating, we moved to live

. At first I still thought sooner or later will marry, so the trial lever is too much. But it was half a year, strongly broke up with the reason for not complying. The thought both would cut the relationship with each other, so a month later, I found I had a baby
Although I will give you birth in all circumstances, but because I think of me, I contacted my strong and hope both can because I come back. Contrary to what I thought, he determined to break up, and his mouth said I like to do with the baby. (Artwork) The story happened 3 years, now my child is over two years old. Although I don't have a father, I still develop healthy both physically and mentally. I myself always try to forget the past to be able to take care of your child. I have just now, my company welcomes new employees. Since this time we worked online, the boss said he would meet the group so everyone to get acquainted with new employees. And then what I didn't expect again. When the other screen appeared and he opened his mouth, my heart stopped beating, because it was strong. Hispead of introducing himself, when he finished, my boss said, "Actually This is my fiancé
We plan to marry at the end of this year, at that time everyone comes together ". In everyone's shouting, I and I am extremely confused. Working with my child's father and pretending to don't know what he did in the past? I can not do it. If I said this, I didn't know if my boss was on her side. Or she would think I was someone who had an error in the relationship, deliberately smeared strongly. At that time, my ability to leave the company was huge. Everyone gave me advice with, what should I do at this time? Follow Vietnamese live rhythm

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