The Confidant Of A F0 On The Days Of Treatment Of Covid-19 Where The Land Of The Countryside

The attention of relatives and friends, especially the efforts of doctors who helped Covid-19 patients get the driving force to overcome difficulties, victory of illnesses instance.0: 00/4 : 42 South regions The direct or indirect thanks, which is the driving force for the health team to complete the task of Covid-19 Cover-19. "Optimistic to help me and many other patients Fast from the disease "confided to PV on their Covid-19 treatment days at Quang Binh Panic Hospital, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang (SN 1987) said thanks to the attention of the doctor, Nurse

... and optimism that she and many other patients gradually won the disease and waited for the discharge day
How is it isolation, treatment of Covid-19 patients in Quang Binh province. My story Ms. Hang said he worked at a furniture company in Ho Chi Minh City. Vinh (Nghe An). In the process of working in Quang Binh, Ms. Hang unfortunately became F0 of a case of Covid-19 in this province. After a while, she was detected positive for SARS-COV-2 and okay Taking treatment at Quang Binh Foundation Hospital. On the first time when I knew I had Covid-19, Ms. Hang as well as many people feel confused and worried. But with the interest of medicine doctors, patients with each other, relatives, friends for themselves also make Hang have more courage to face difficulties
Health workers at the hospital always take care of , encourage the sick people. "The early days I knew if I was sick without my friends who were interested and encouraged, I was not sure if I had optimism to treat the disease. Go to the hospital of doctors and nurses Medium healing has been interested in people in the house. The same situation, so patients also encouraged, helping each other overcome the difficult period, "Ms. Hang said. Thinking, the optimistic thinking Help her and many other patients can fight this virus. Always tell yourself, no matter what circumstances do not let the disease thrust themselves, Ms. Hang and other patients have coordinated with medicals and doctors to treat Covid-19. "I think it I'm afraid, pessimistic, the severe illness has been severe for fear. So it is optimistic because at the hospital with full medicine and medical equipment, officials and medical doctors are always treated And encouraged me. I see thanks to the optimism that I am stronger, "she constantly confided. Send deeply gratitude to the health team of the days of treatment in Quang Binh Panelial Hospital, feel Receiving the attention and care of the medical team here, Ms Hang has the lines of his personal cursors, aiming to grateful. Patients are always interested in encouraging each other, dividing each other everything Gift of relatives. "... Luckily, Quang Binh in the land of the countryside, I feel grateful for the emotion of people here, the medicine, the doctor is really enthusiastic at medical hospitals - Traditional pharmacy (where to book Quang Binh PV / PV province hospital), they had to temporary family to day, night for patients who were positive. They had to be wearing cool white blouses on their full precious. Medical career is a noble job honored by the world. Not everyone can become a doctor because not everyone has a knowledge, skill and heart cure for patients.nay they have had to put on their nylon shirts just wearing difficulty breath. Not to mention, when the patient is often crushed and requires this, but they still smile and in the opinion of each patient because they may think of wages as samples. Hands of patients. My body is a native child, right now where the land of the countryside doesn't know what to say, what to do to be grateful to Quang Binh people, to the doctors here Helping me to treat treatment and no longer feeling in a feeling or selflessness with the disease that anyone saw also want to shelter. Thanks for the meals filled with love, the meals are even better when I was eaten home. The rice to eat on the 3rd daily service without any meals, a cool fan all day does not pour a drop of sweat like it's like I'm going to restoring the resting, the doctors are always healthy, happy, successful in career. Always keep the morning of the physician like the past few days. Grateful to the doctors, "that are the minds and feelings that Ms. Hang and other patients want to send to the medical team at Quang Binh Panic Hospital. Many Covid-19 patients were discharged later When treated at Quang Binh Panelial Hospital. Doctor Tran Xuan Phu, Director of Traditional Medicine - Medicine Hospital of Quang Binh Province, Deputy Director of Facility Hospital said that the unit is the only basis on Quang Binh province performs care and treatment for Covid-19 patients. "With the responsibility of medical workers, we always mind have to do everything to treat the best for patients, solid Special is Covid-19 patient. Unfortunate people when Covi

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