The Confidant Of The Woman Opening The Market 0 Dong

Going through the 0 dong market in Ho Chi Minh City, I stopped and chatted with a mobilized sister who opened the market. The story of the two mothers and children makes me not touched 0:00 / 3: 09 nam nuns and talking to me, I just released to help the young men transport from the truck to the aluminum tables to hold Food for 0 Dong Market. Looking at the face of the young sister, I hit the aged, witty, said: The spring campaign in 1968 in Hue urged many hearts "Age 17 broke buffalo horns" in Vu Le village, Kien Xuong, Thai Binh , she was among them. That, she was 18 years old in the Youth Union of Volunteer to the front of Quang Binh, staying until December 1968. After a severe illness, there was no health to continue on the southern front, she went back, and then went to the pedagogical industry

. New school faced the days of war climbing northerly, sister Go to the militia to defend the battles. Grades, she returned to her small neighborhood as a teacher with the students at levels in 1996, she retired, moved into Ho Chi Minh City to live with her daughter. Her daughter is one of the flight attendants in the transcendent flight 40 hours to bring citizens from Canada to avoid epidemic, love, love, likes social work, she participates in the art team of The ward then makes the heads of the street group 112 of Ward 12, Tan Binh district since then
My ward is a place where there are many volunteer activities. Since the epidemic outbreak, many market sessions were opened everywhere to help difficult circumstances. Photo: Gia Bao. I asked, why do you do so much? In a slight voice like a bird, and two hands still rhythmicly put the cooking oil bottles, whichever a bit dirty wigsman with the wiper to wipe back from top to bottom, putting the bottle of oil in front of his eyes See cleaning the ball sister rest assured to put on the table, she said: "Every day watching the news, me. Then the daughter goes to storytelling flights, the more information every day will heat up, until the daughter tells that in the group, there are some viruses from the passenger. Pretty worried and panicked, loves you very much. It's a happy, loving life, but now this doesn't see a smile on its lips, just beyond the mother's nature. That's, you want to release it allowing it to let it less or all. But where do I fly, do I fly it right away? Well, encourage your children to try, having fun, I have chosen this, I have to be determined to be brave. You must have a young age
I keep taking care of attentive flights, and the housework will replace your children. "When I went to fly, she wished the flight flight smoothly. The more I heard, the more I understand why her daughter was always in the rescue flights. I have such a solid post-respect, there is a motivation and a great source of energy like that from the mother! Through the moment of touching when it comes to her daughter's work, she continues: "From the day of the commune Assembly, all must stay at home. People who sell tickets for travelers, garbage sweepers, street vendors must be at home ... Those are families eating every day, now they have to eat and eat? Think about it, suddenly in See a feeling. I am not the first linears like border guards, white shirt soldiers, or as flying crew have their daughters, then I can join another type, at least do something Seems for people who are poor in the tribulation, contributing a small part with everyone in the ward against the difficulties that the pandemic causes ".TS TLA THU HUONG / NXB Writers' Association

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