The Congress Showing Off The Waist ‘ants’ Season Of The Postmates: H’hen Ni, The Most “top-sized Vy’?

Although it is in a time of society, there are no conditions to the gym, but the postmates still hold the slim waist, causing many devils to throw admiry.0: 00/2: 37 NAMSURSUS Society and do not come to the Gym's room, causing many artists to gain weight, but with some of these leasts, they still retain their shape, especially the super small waist.H'Hen Nih'Hen is one of those She held the shape of envy during the epidemic season. During this time, in addition to practicing at home, H'Hen still goes to a charity, getting goods delivered people so this is also the way she combines fitness and sports. , people often eat a lot and sit so much so the belly will accumulate a significant fat, she is an exception

. Therefore, she focuses on the upper and lower abdomen to maintain a tight waist. She tips everyone does not need to be too abstaining from abstinence, but it is important to stay healthy and have a reasonable exercise regime. Having trouble in the epidemic area
At the same time, she also occasionally shared on a personalized series of charming shaped shape with fans. Even if I couldn't go to the gym, she still had a slim waist worthy of hardworking Practice at home, dining science. Marketing with the newly crowned, the recent image of Do Thi Ha can unwind her waist is small. In order to get a slim shape, the small waist she later revealed besides hardworking, she also had a scientific and healthy diet to own a neat body, smooth skin. Although it is necessary to control strict weight but Do Thi Ha does not have a harsh diet but still supplements a protein (protein) into his daily menu. The 69th Miss Universe contest, Khanh Van, caused fans to worry about having a quick weight, the skin was even more improved. This can be seen in a series of photos showing off the ultra-small waist and slender body that Khanh Van shared recently.Kim Chuyendang in the process of preparing for Miss Universe contest, Runner-up Kim Duyen has shared about the process Exercise is extremely strict with foreign coaches. The right runner followed the diet to remove all the starch, just gathered Gym. At the same time, Kim Duyen also participated in other training classes
Currently, Kim Duyen is 1m73 tall, weighing 59.4 kg.The linhong Miss Beauty Asia 2017 - Tuong Linh is having a long-term business trip in the Chinese flag. It is in the United States but the wall still retains a hot shape thanks to training, eating uninterrupted. Looking at some updated images on the personal page can see the wall spirit not only only slim waist but also the abdominal muscles firm, super charming.

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