The Couple Comes Together Is Predetermined, Doing These Two Well-suited

It is a woman who lives to keep her virtue, men are not born. Flarity in husband and wife's life is extremely important, it is the moral assessment criteria of human 9: 00/1: 25 male domestically act as a secret to preserving the couple of people Strange, now has a husband and wife. Based on the double together to preserve, there may be a hundred year condition. Harmonized families are the premise for society to develop. Leaving a harmonious family, it is important to be self-adjusted by individuals

. Family happiness is decided by the vun of both spouses. Wanting a happy husband, the two sides have to cope, lower the one to live. Spouses should fast when they live together to be able to happiness for a long time
Buddha sees marriage is not only a charm but also for people to connect happy, perfect themselves. By born, no one is perfect, even though men or women need time to grow. Once set foot in marriage, it must bring common benefits to the top. The wife and wife are looking forward to being happy together with all life. Thuy Thuy is the key to opening the Buddha's teaching, which is the key to being the key to happiness that everyone is craving for. " "General" is the end. Once a spouse must have been posted before like one, firmly, unchanged before the windows of life. Who wishes to be happy, but there are many people because of blindness without knowing the respectful What I have. Just pursue nonsense out there. The charm of husband and wife must cross the death to find each other, do not sincerely love
Thomen / Khoe Vadep

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