The Couple Is Arguing, His Mother-in-law Suddenly Ran Out Of His Daughter That Makes Me Dumbfounded

I stood stunned, I didn't think my wife did so with me.0: 00/2: 22 namthunes, the house has no land, so east, I should after marriage, I decided to come to my wife's house. I was going to stay in a few years, when there was enough money, I wanted to buy land, build a house for a comfortable mother. course. So, my wife still rejected her family to see what her husband didn't go

. As long as I say nothing unaware, she will grow in her husband's voice. Or afternoon, I will have to cook, clean up and my wife lie long to watch movies or chat with friends. Sometimes seeing the scene of his wife said something to whisper, do not want to hear them, I also wanted to hear
I don't hate me but I don't see me as someone in the house. My wife nodded, yes, and plans to build a house for 3 years. This month I increased the shift continuously, exceeding KPI should be hot. I also accepted to work outside for a few months now and I will receive more than 50 million. I am happy to bring the total amount of salary, reward, to work nearly 100 million to bring my wife. I asked her how much it save more than a year this year, if I was about 300 million, I would borrow more to buy the land. I want to say that my wife said only to save 50 million. While every month, I take her 20 million. Her salary is also about 8 million. Not to mention Tet, rewarding precious, I gave her all
We gave my father-in-law to spend. Even though my wife spent too hand, it couldn't only save 50 million. I annoyed my wife said clearly about spending money in the month. She said she was inherently saved 280 million but gave his wife 230 million to buy land. I'm angry. It was money I worked hard, now falling into my wife's hand. Too angry, I argued, scolded my wife. She didn't just swear me, taking my job in her home to grasp. Husband is arguing, my wife mother took a broom, hitting my head straight. She shouted: "Turning out of my house. It was asked to scold my daughter". I was stunned in place. That day, I left my house and were intending to divorce. But my wife is pregnant, I also hesitated. Besides, I want to demand that the amount of money. Now how do you actively pay 230 million for me? (Please hide) according to

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