The Couple Learns 5 This, Kissing The Full, Full, Happy And Happy Person Together To The End Of His Life

Both wives and husbands have to try their best to cultivate their family happiness.0: 00/2: 14 nound of the nanish, said: "The couple loves each other and will argue and have these Time to say divorce. " Others say: "Love is easy but marriage is not easy, trying to vun and cherish marriage." Therefore, love affairs, or marriage needs attempts, efforts from both sides. The couple learns 5 this, the marriage will be durable, happiness

.1. Learning how to understand each other to maintain a happy marriage is not a party's own responsibility but it requires the treatment of both spouses. Every love affair, including love, requires mutual respect and understanding
In many cases, the power of the man comes from women's words. The woman also needs the attention, understanding of the man. Therefore, wanting long-term marriage, both spouses must learn how to cope with each other, because the best feelings are not sweet words or blends but are interested and helpful when the other person Troubling. Maintaining a happy marriage is not the responsibility of one side where it requires the treatment of both spouses. (Artwork) 2. Learning how to respect each husband should not only treat each other in everything, learn each other's advantages but also learn to respect each other's lifestyle and coordinate with each other to solve small problems. Small. After all, everyone has its own personality, everyone wants to live in their own way. However, when you entered the marriage, you need to respect your commune / town. You respect the other half, the person will respect you
Learning to work together with marriage, wife and husbands need to learn each other to progress. If the developer is faster than thrown away from the development slower, the two people are difficult to find the common voice, feeling faded. So you and your husband should follow each other's footsteps, don't because I'm weaker than the other person who feels religious. In marriage, your wife and husband need to learn each other to progress. (Artwork) 4. Learning how to trust the most important thing in love and marriage is mutual trust. Suspecting the enemy will make the marriage a large crisis. Faith is the foundation of marriage. Want to be happy, you must trust your partner.5. Learn how to sympathize with the reality, there is another key point for husband and wife to be together for a long time. It is putting yourself in each other's position and thinking from each other's angle. Imagine, when a conflict between two people, you understand, care about the feelings of the other person. Spending / according to Sohu

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