The Creepy Truth About The Suspected Place ‘detained’ Aliens

For decades, the Area 51 Air Force Base in Neveda (USA) is said to be a place to detain alien and their technology behind walls. Las Vegas nearly 100 km north of Las Vegas, with Area 920 square kilometer, area 51 (Area 51) is considered the most mysterious place in the world. It is always considered a "magnet" that attracts people who are conspiracy, doubts about the appearance of aliens. Area 51 is a fascinating air base, established by orders US President when it was Dwight Eisenhower, operating for the first time in 1955 as a testing facility for spying aircraft U-2. in many years, area 51 did not have a name on any copy Which of the US administration

. Although this area borders Nellis Air Force Base, the paths lead here are empty on the map.Tin area 51 appears unidentified flight objects (UFOs) emerged in the late 80s of the last century, after a man named Bob Lazar declared that he worked in Area 51 as a physicist. He participated in security projects and helping scientists in The study of falling plates
However, the things Bob Lazar said he had been obtained, because he did not provide the authentic evidence. When the information Bob Lazar revealed gradually forgotten, not a few rumors about the presence Of the external forces continued to be given. There are rumors that the 51 area is where a spacecraft of aliens in Roswell in 1947. On the reality, the banned area around the 51 area has an area of about 1640 square kilometers, the center is Lake Groom, 920 square kilometer base is often called "Box" military aircraft pilots, but they are not allowed to fly into this prohibition area. The training area and Nevada shooting school include the area 51, Tonopah testing school and Nevada experimental station. The school shot and bombs 8,320 kilometers in northern Las Vegas.Rieng Nevada testing has occupied 2,560 square kilometers, so the surrounding areas suffer slight pollution because of nuclear weapons tests. Interesting details are images of "51 areas" can be obtained from Google Map, even some restaurants are in the base. However, the fact that the images from satellite related to "zone 51" were also banned from dispersal, until the last few years. Temple, the 51 area particularly hidden anything Affirm, however the information about aliens is still a rumor without a basis
Area 51 is directly protected by the US government "envy", both in terms of communication and real face Just. And surely the government will not allow someone to get close to this facility. You can watch the video: trace aliens in the documentary on the moon. Source: Neews. Dung Dung (T.H)

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