The Dalai Lama Research Center And Library Will Be Built In New York

Namgyal Monastery in Ithaca (New York) has announced the public to build a library and the Dalai Lama Research Center at the campus of the monastery in the outskirts of the city. Notice details Launching a community fundraising campaign with the US $ 5 million to conduct this project. "We are calling backing from donors to a project that benefits greatly for All humanity, which is the construction of Library and Learning Center named Germany Dalai Lama XIV. Our goal is to promote the link and harmony between the true people in a world's increasingly divided world. We will do this by building and developing a compassionate and humanitarian education center, opening for everyone through both live and online forms ", Venerable Tenzin Chiesang - NAMGYAL's Army said

. Monastery and the Dalai Lama Research Center are designed as a storage treasure of works collected by all 14 Dalai Lama - a spiritual tradition from the XV , as well as a public research site will serve all students, scholars, leaders and practitioners of all spiritual traditions. Dalai Lama Trust launched fundraising campaign with clause Donate 1.3 million US dollars, and excellent donors and masses have donated US $ 1
2 million to complete the construction of libraries and research centers at the end of the year . With a minimum proposed donation of 25 US dollars, many people will take the opportunity to support this project. Senior Choesang said: "We always welcome all forms of support, possibly Funds, time or other resources, from individuals to groups and other organizations. We need everyone's help towards a beautiful and peaceful world ". The Hospital and Dalai Lama Learning Center in the early stages are expected to have an area of 858m2, and will later play Exceeding an additional basis is the Dalai Lama Museum. Emcing / by Buddhistdoor

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