The Dark Array Of Vietnamese Showbiz

In the first half of 2021, many Vietnamese artists entangled, losing photos and had to apologize to apologize to the audience. The scandal series was in the past months, many people couldn't help but utter up "Vietnamese showbiz disturbed too!". The public also began to question a real category - fake and virtual values. Late apologies in the entertainment world, two bright arts - evening always existed in parallel. What the public is often bright arrays

. And when the dark segment is exposed before your eyes, many people "disillusioned". One of the most noisy cases of 2021 must include a charity of Hoai Linh artist. In the middle of the Central At the end In 2020, Hoai Linh came out to call for support
On 11/11/2020, Hoai Linh announced it received more than 13 billion charity. The promise of the promise will come to place to help the central relatives. But after more than 6 months, Hoai Linh does not have any moves to announce flood area relief activities. On the afternoon of May 24, in the video sent to the media, Hoai Linh said that the entire donation was still in a separate account for volunteer purposes prepared. This leads to a strong protest wave from the public. And to resolve the crisis, Hoai Linh and Eden have fulfilled the disbursement from 29 / 5. Funny disbursement and not the right original purposes once again makes Hoai Linh ahead criticism. On June 5, Hoai Linh posted a video to explain the activity calling for charity to support the Central region. He acknowledged his job that made public opinion, at the same time say sorry. Four in the wave of fierce boycott, Hoai Linh was forced to withdraw from the role of judging the challenge program
Linh Linh Sorry after noise calling for charity to help Central. Linh lost the image, and the audience lost faith. For a long time, artists stand out to call for charitable donations which are considered normal. But now the skepticism is unavoidable. Every job of Hoai Linh, last time, the series of rights artists Linh, Nam Thu, Hong Van, Miss Mai Phuong Thuy, singer Phuong My Chi, Dieu Nhi. .. Also apologize for false ads. Nam Thu belongs to the famous group of people who publish a multi-level coin advertisement on the personal page, with other names such as Kieu Minh Tuan, Tuan Kiet, like ... Male letter receives the wrong after a week. Other artists choose to be silent. Linh, Hong Van and many other faces such as Dan Truong, Van Dung, Thanh Huong, Kim Xuyen ... related to functional food advertising, weight loss, cosmetics . The products are inflated on functions and uses. When the incident is reflected, the public is pressed because artists have taken advantage of their influence to make money from advertising. They forgot to lose the audience are the "victims" directly, buying goods only because of celebrity words. On May 20, the Propaganda Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee had a dispatch to the art concerns Table in the city, requires testing and rectifying the status of some members participating in advertising poor quality products, false content. The basic culture (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) also There is a written request of related agencies and units to strictly control the content of functional foods, foods to protect health and similar products on vehicles, ensuring content to be honest , Exactly, clearly. False advertisers, apologize to be necessary and have to do. But more importantly after that apology, how will they correct. And whether artist receives advertising, despite the right wrong, ever existed? This is something that is truly interested in the crisis because of the crisis because of the fourth-year-old story, which is also the year of the artists of the artist's "lifting" artists, making the public surprised. It is a conflict between Phi Nhung - Lake Van Cuong, the love scandal of Jack, noisy breaking up from the duet of G and Du Uyen. The mother and adopted children of Phi Nhung - Lake Van Cuong is not like What the audience still thought. Phi Nhung was suspected of surrounding a bonus of VND 200 million and Cat-Xe of Ho Van Cuong for 5 years. Lake Van Cuong parents and singer themselves do not know how much money they have, Cat-Seo. When they are questioned by the public, Phi Nhung and manage offer incorporations. Phi Nhung said she and Ho Van Cuong operate in a company, binding under the signed terms. But, managing Diem Pham said the relationship between Phi Nhung and Lake Van Cuong is a family member, not a show - singer. The Phi Nhung publicly mentioned the bad Lake Van Cuong on social networks was also surplus Comment to react. According to media professionals, though in any role, Phi Nhung fallasted when he brought his adoption to public opinion and the tear-stringed network community instead of covering. The work then settled with a series of questions left open. Ho Van Cuong and parents still live at African's house. The female singer is still a mother of Vietnam Idol Kids 2016. But, the image of Phi Nhung has been affected. And the audience, of course, no longer put too much trust on what they see H

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