The Daughter-in-law Decides To Make A Maternal Mother To Change The Attitude

Living in the discomfort, housing of the mother-in-law, the woman feels very miserable in /chemy: 00/3: 13 nam south here sohu website China has posted the confidences of a netizen on the money Dowry. Because of this, she must be miserable for a long time without knowing what to blame anyone. The story content is as follows: "I was married for three years and always the middle person in the cruelty between her husband's house and the mother house Lab. The rich husband's family and better conditions are better than my family, because of this, there should be a contradiction. When we get married, the husband's house has given a gift of 160,000 yuan (soy sauce Contemplating 570 million VND)

. Everyone around everyone knows that I receive such a big gift. However, the husband's family also meant to see how much money for the daughter for his daughter See how important I am in my family. I have two sisters, under I have a younger brother who is less than 2 years old
At that time, she said it would give 80,000 yuan (equivalent to more than 280 million) But until the day I married, she did not keep the promise. Because she suddenly thought that the married son would spend a lot of money, so he changed his decision, not for his daughter of money. I don't mean Anything about this, it is a gift for your younger brother later. My husband has not known it, still thinking that the warrior family is 80,000 bad money. After getting married for a while, because she was a bit of work, she asked to borrow money, but I said I didn't have to say it again I had to say that I didn't have a spouse. My husband was very angry. My house did not hold the prestige, clearly told the daughter of 80,000 yuan, it turned out just a lie. He also said he was tricked, all day did not eat rice and several days without noticing to his daughter-in-law. Later Perhaps the mother-in-law also understood that it was not my fault so the family life returned as before. However, because that mother did not go back to my house
Expressing anger, Tet holidays don't let my husband visit home. He also hears his mother's words so every time they find the reason to not go. I am also a bit uncomfortable with my wife's money so I can understand without forcing them. Being by my family, told the money but eventually didn't have a copper. At first I thought it was nothing to slap, I suspected to argue like that. In that day, I called my mother to talk. My husband's family may be at least with my house but I can't. It's my family, where I was born and raised, no matter how I treat me, I would never never Hate them, giving birth to and nourishes bigger than everything in this world. Aftercending the phone, I thought for a while and went straight to the bank withdrawing 80,000 bad, taken in front of her mother-in-law and said that here Is my house money before I gave, when I married in the house yet had enough money, so late was so late. My husband saw me doing so immediately said she didn't need money, vice versa still comforted me: "Mom don't Interested in money, but thought of an honor of a very important man. Non-house our house lacks this amount but has said it without doing it as if not respecting our house. Mom only feels angry Because of this. "After hearing what my mother-in-law said, I felt like my body and I felt like it ... but anyway, I finally my husband also passed this and dry I mention it anymore .Theo Khanh An / PhapluatBandoc

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