‘the Dead “suddenly Opened His Eyes When Preparing To Be Embalmed, Glaring Up And Walking, Causing The Hospital To Disturb

When the group of medical students prepare to marinate the dead woman, she suddenly opened her eyes, stood up and left the morgue, causing the hospital to disturbance in the world. Many cases where the dead rise again, but perhaps the dead will still have enough to leave the house to leave the housing very rarely. New, Hospital of Benin University (in Benin City, Edo , Nigeria) was disturbed by a disturbance when witnessing a "dead woman" suddenly reliving and walking around hospital hospitals.00: 00/00: 30 physics, this woman was brought to the house The corpse of the Hospital of Benin University after confirming that she really died. However, the communication reports do not reveal what the cause of her death is

. Then, the group of medical students of the University of Benin is said to use this body to practice embalming. They placed a woman's body on the table, taking off her clothes to prepare to conduct the mummy process. But, now the woman's body suddenly moved
She suddenly opened her eyes, sat up and climbed down from the table, cavally walked out of the body, causing the student to scream and ran away from fear. The woman was declared dead suddenly Relive when preparing to be embalming. The woman crosses the grass outside the building in a naked state. Obviously she was very confused because she didn't know where she was and how she was here. Although the woman did not have any piece of cloth covered, but none of the students suggested help She or gave her a suit or blanket to shield the body. Instead, they use the phone again to return to this strange scene. The pussy at the hospital. The reason for quickly spreading on social networks, many people said those who declare the dead woman Do not do well your work, irresponsibly. "She was only coma, not dead," a person said. How well the local agency will handle this incident

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