The Delegation Officers Cross The Pandemic Of Clean Product Development, Creating Jobs For Local Workers

Promoting the role of shocks of youth, with the desire to create clean, quality products, ensure health for consumers, Mr. Dinh Ngoc Duc (SN 1991, Deputy Secretary of Nghi Long Commune, Nghi Loc District , Nghe An) has invested in producing peanut essential oils, creating jobs for many local workers 9: 00/3: 35 Southern region of blood to produce peanut oils of Mr. Dinh Ngoc Duc, we see some He is waiting to press the oil. Peeling, roasting, oil pressing .

.. is done continuously. Sweeping into peeling machines, Germany has just shared: "After graduation, I worked on the contract at Ha Tinh Department of Agriculture
In 2018, I returned to my hometown. Realizing my localities are pure farm district, the main crop is lost, I think I have to do something to produce a product that is both safe and good for the health of the people ". Blood with peanut oil products such as any start-up project, the first time, Mr. Duc met a lot of difficulties. At that time, due to no experience, the oil pressed a lot. The oil presses out without the characteristic aroma of peanuts, not long; There are not enough ripe batches, the pressed oil also smells the throne of his life; Painting out inadequate oil ... "There was a moment to feel frustrated but I thought to do anything to be passionate and passionately, so I didn't give up but determined to be made," he shared. With that thinking and determination, he successfully produced peanut oil products
People transmitted each other's ears to every harvest of peanuts to dried, cleaned and transported to his facility to squeeze into oil to eat all year round. To force peanut oil to undergo much trouble on the process To squeeze the delicious liters of aromatic oil, keep the unique unchanged of Lac, Anh Germany said: The first is peeled (by machine), remove bad, damaged peanuts; Next to Rang Lac for about 15 minutes until the peanuts have a fragrant like Italy; pressing essential oils; Filter impurities, residues; Finally to settle about 15 days for oil with yellow colors, do not mix and impurities ... According to Germany, every 2 - 2.5kg of Lac Nhan (Passed peanut) will press 1 liter of cooking oil, sold with Price 100 - 120 thousand VND / liter. With this calculation, a month forced from 1,000-3,000 liters of peanut oil, for interest income of about VND 350 million / year. If the relatives are lost to force, it will charge a lower cost than the market price. German oil products are consumed at stores, supermarkets of clean products in the province. Pandemic pandemic develops clean and new products established and put into operation from 2018, so far on average every day cooperates Germany in Nghi Loc district (Nghe An) has produced about 500 - 700 kg of shells, creating jobs for 7 workers, including 2 employees who are youth union members. Currently, Peanut Oil Products Nghi Long submitted to the Appraisal Assessment Assessment Assessment of the OCOP classification of the provincial dot to recognize the OCOP product standard in 2021.Anh Dinh Ngoc Duc is one of the 18 typical youth medium Being in Nghe An Provincial Youth Union "Typical Youth Start-down, IMPLEMENT OF Nghe An Province" in 2021 "I have linked to Peanut Households in the area, committing to target the entire product for Confections if quality assurance and do not use plant protection drugs. I also registered to participate in the province's OCOP program with Nghi Long Peanut Oil products ", 8x said. Still active and for good income. Because of that, Mr. Dinh Ngoc Duc is one of 18 typical youths who have just been told Nghe An Doan Nghe An province as "Typical Youth in the Start-up movement, establishing Nghe An province" in 2021. "Last time We are facilitating and supporting participation in fairs, exhibitions, trade promotion, ... It is motivation for us to continue trying, determined to get rich, "German shared. Young people asked by Mr. Duc to build in 2021 with the role of Deputy Secretary of Nghi Long Commune, Anh Duc always active and enthusiastic in groups of delegation and youth movement. In 2021, he called on the construction of a young people, sports grounds for children of children, calling for young people to encounter, supporting the first level of translation prevention, ... Thu Hien

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