The ‘delicious “potato Stewed Beef Rice With A Quick Way To Make The’ Face-to-face ‘busy Days

With just a few simple steps, you will have a quick dinner again enough! 0: 00/1: 51 Southern Learners Many people do not streak the beef but directly beef and put into the cooking pot with rice. Doing so beef will not be soft and rice is not fragrant. First, make a beef tunnel first. When you open the pot, you'll have a super delicious potato stewed beef. Potatoes: - Rice-Beef-Potato-Carrot-onion-Ginger-Ginger-Oil-soyboy - Py-soyboys made of potato stewed beef stew: - Wash beef and crown beef into each piece small

. For beef into a pot of water, boil for 1 to 2 minutes and then remove the beef. - Get warm water to wash the foam on beef. For beef on the bowl - North pan on the kitchen, pouring oil into, ginger and onion to stir-fry for fragrance
- For beef into stir-fry to small fire. Small stir-frying to wake up the fragrance of soy sauce. - Pour hot water into a clean pot. Next, cover and simmer for 30 minutes for fragrant beef. The beef is not yet cooked .- While the beef tunnel, peeled potatoes and carrots and Thai into small pieces. Wash the starch layer on the potato surface with clean water, then soak the potatoes into the water. - Ninh Beef in 30 minutes. At this moment, remove all onions and ginger, pour potatoes and carrots into, wedge adding salt, stir-fried a few times to fire and turn off the kitchen.- Rice and put into rice cookers
- Pour potatoes and beef Go to the rice cooker, add a little water, pour more water. Then close the pot of the pot and press the cook button.- Wait ripe rice and then open the cover, use the mixing spoon and then pour out the bowl. Note - need to smooth the beef fire, until the beef is near nine, then mix with rice Put on the rice cooker to Ninh. - Before the beef, quilly beef in the cold water pot, the tunnel is no longer the smell. Please succeed! Ngoc Huyen - According to Sohu

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