The ‘difficult “expression Series When Going To Netizen’s Vaccination Laughs’ Breaths’

Not only children but both young people, boys are also extremely afraid of injection, but from here, it comes to a series of 'difficult' expressions that looks laughs 'breathless'. Room is always horrified obsession Children's children come to adults, women come to men. The funny feelings of the guy "injecting" when injecting are also equally rich in sisters, despite being a powerful name but the boys are still afraid Injections as usual. The guys looked at the majestic style but just saw the needle's nose, it was all the sweat. Then many people joked that the injection room was always the most funny medical center because This is a place to record a series of difficult expressions of everyone

. If he says the vaccination only hurts like antics, this young man has just been a giant ants "meat". Do not understand what capacity but the needle Tiny but sharp injections are so obsessed with so many people. Need to look, just hear the sound of Ni-cans doctor outside the cylinder is the block of sweating The seeds are tall, healthy, can break the buffalo horn but standing before the immunization moment is still an expression that cannot be more panic
The man's eye does not fall every drop but only falls into a line. "Just like an ant" exactly a lie. This statement also causes more vulnerability of classic lies in love. Hope a comfortable bracelet. The humor of a young man was injected with a netizen who could not help smile. Photo: Natural synthesis

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