The Dishes Are Indispensable During The Mid-autumn Festival Of Vietnamese Families

The tray for the Mid-Autumn Festival day is increasingly diverse, however, delicious dishes such as moon cakes, nuggets, nuggets, grapefruit salads ... It seems that it is still indispensable in traditional Mid-Autumn Tray. During the illustration so far, moon cakes always have the idea of the demonstration of the moon with the family members of the family when gathering celebrating to reward the moon

. in Vietnam, the moon cake consists of two pictures awake is flexible and baked cakes. Baked cakes are quite diverse all kinds of multipliers, including moon cakes of coconut milk beans, mooncakes spinning chickens. And the flexible cake has a mixed flexible cake, moon coconut milk or pineapple leaf flexible cake,
.. rice in indispensable dishes in the Mid-Autumn Festival of our country in the old country. Nuggets are processed from 3 main ingredients including green beans, young nuggets and coconuts. Pepperstartes. From grapefruit fruits. Succulent grapefruit blends are separated, torn, mixed with boiled black tiger shrimp, thin-thin meat and mixed water mixed with sweet spicy spicy sweet spicy is extremely attractive. Pork Dark illustration This is a common dish in Mid-Autumn Festival. Delicious rotary meat needs to ensure three factors including yellow skin, biting into crispy, the fat under soft skin but does not stabilize the meat, soft, fragrant and don't put too much oil. Processing from looking at Sensen and lotus is the material that is displayed to the Mid-Autumn Festival
Lotus is a symbol for wall sand. Eating will take the Mid-Autumn Festival on the Mid-Autumn Festival day. The union members. Traditional and snails are also an indispensable dish on this occasion. Mid-fidow, snails are often delicious, because the snail is empty, not reproduced, there is no children, many meat.Chè drifting the illustration of drifting water also has another name as a union teacher, is a familiar dish Autumn Festival day. This tea is meaningful about the cohesion and sum. The illustration of the nuggets is a delicious dish that the old Hanoi people often use in the Mid-Autumn Festival day. The fatty taste of rolls, meat combined with the ductility and Bui of the nuggets have formed a strange unique nuggets. The nuggets are more common with the North people than the central and southern people. This dish is now simplified to become a daily dish but still guarantees the taste of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The taro taro is a familiar dish with many families. This soup is usually cooked with large bones, young ribs or chicken. Nguyen Nguyen

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